there is a coin shortage
Well, in case you haven’t been following the news, the country is in the middle of a coin shortage.  Well, more like a coin supply disruption.

The main story is that because of Covid-19, the Federal Reserve Bank had to take steps to protect its staff.  As a result the U.S. Mint’s production of coin decreased.  The Federal Reserve banks are therefore rationing the amount of coins they put into circulation. The Covid pandemic has also meant that coin heavy businesses, like laundromats, aren’t putting their coins back into the banks. Why? Everyone is sitting at home along with their coin jars.  As a result, there are fewer coins circulating in the economy.

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Today’s posting is video of a question and answer session with Warren Buffett at the University of Florida. Warren is a clever man and a witty speaker and he provides a lot of detail on his investing philosophy in this talk. I’ve listened to it twice and found it even more useful the second time around.

Its about an hour and twenty minutes long, so as always, you might consider minimizing your browser and listening to the speech in the background.

Hope it helps. Enjoy!

If you’ve read the book The Millionaire Next Door, you probably know who the late Thomas J. Stanley is. Stanley is a former marketing professor at the University of Georgia who has made a career out of studying America’s wealthy. Unlike a lot of the guru’s out there, Stanley bases his observations on solid survey data, so I trust what he has to say. Specifically, in his book, The Millionaire Mind, Stanly makes some interesting observations about wealth and academic achievement.

Whats interesting about wealth and academic achievement is that there doesn’t in fact, seem to be a relationship at all. Stanley contrasts getting good grades with achieving high wealth. For example he notes that the millionaires in his data had an average college G.P.A of 2.9 and his statistical analysis showed there was NO relationship between net worth and SAT scores. In short, getting good grades doesn’t seem to impact how rich you are.

Instead, Stanley’s analysis showed that other factors were more important for gaining wealth.

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One thing I love about the stock market is that it provides objective feedback — either you make money or you don’t.

I was talking with another blogger earlier this week (we all know each other) and the question about objective returns on stocks came up. So I had a look at my portfolio. To my shock, it looks like I’ve been an underperforming stock picker.

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Is a Mortgage a Liability or Asset?

A mortgage is a loan you take out to purchase a home. This home could be your permanent residence, a vacation home, or even a multi-family property. Depending on scenario and person, this loan could be a liability or it could be an asset. That said, there are some key components to look for to decide whether or not a mortgage is a liability or an asset.

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How To Make & Maintain Profitable Websites

Websites you say? That is correct. A website can be a great investment especially for those looking to build up a monthly cash flow to live off of. Websites can also be as hands-on or hands-off as you, the investor would like. Whether it is a food blog or the next New York Times, I urge you to consider this type of investment. That is why in this article we will be looking at ow to make & maintain profitable websites.

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How to Create a Defensive Investment Portfolio

With 2020 throwing so much uncertainty upon us, it is becoming more evident that everyone’s portfolio needs to be thoroughly vetted to ensure you’re not just playing a good offense, but also a good defense. The longest bull run of the stock market showed us that there are incredible possibilities when it comes to making money in the market, however, the beginning of this year brought us back down to Earth to show us how we always need to stay on our toes. In this article, we will be discussing how to create a defensive investment portfolio and trust me, you will want to implement this soon.

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is your broker a thiefI like to talk about investing and saving money. Often when I’m chatting with my friends or colleagues, people will tell me that they think money brings out the worst in people or that stock brokers are all crooks. Because of this, they don’t want to invest. As a result, they tend to miss out on the advantages of owning stocks and bonds.

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