Sean Finucane

Job searching is difficult even when there isn’t a pandemic. With COVID-19 keeping many of us at home and businesses struggling to stay afloat without furloughing their employees, it can feel downright impossible.

If you’ve been experiencing more acne since you’ve started social distancing, you’re not alone. Many people have been experiencing breakouts and blemishes while in quarantine. The reason? Increased stress, decreased physical activity, decreased sleep, and increased time indoors.

For many Americans, now might seem like the best possible time to buy a house. But the idea of saving up for a down payment and other unexpected costs can be overwhelming for first-time prospective homebuyers. 

There’s no question that the coronavirus pandemic has had major impacts on our economy — some of which have yet to be fully analyzed. And while the influenza vaccine’s effectiveness ranges between 60% and 90%, no COVID-19 vaccine has been created as yet. That means that one of the best ways to fight the virus […]

Everyone is looking for ways to relax and unwind during this stressful time. Unfortunately, your monthly budget won’t grow any bigger just because you want it to. 

It’s no secret the U.S. healthcare system is incredibly expensive. According to Investopedia, long before the COVID-19 crisis the U.S. led other industrialized nations in high healthcare spending. The average American incurs approximately $10,345 in medical expenses every year. Many Americans feel stressed about what might happen financially should they suffer from a medical emergency. […]

Summer is right around the corner, which means soon you’ll be dealing with higher electric bills in an effort to stay cool indoors. It’s no secret that there are ways you can cut back on electricity. We’ve all used these hacks before whether it’s unplugging your electronics or using natural sunlight.

  When we hear the word “invest,” we usually think about sprucing up our home, buying a new car, or pouring our savings into stocks. Monetary investments are certainly important to grow your capital and make a significant return on your initial purchase. However, investing in your health — and ways to protect your health […]