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Up to 85% of the homes in the U.S. built before 1980 are in need of some type of home improvement. Now that winter is behind us, it might be a good time to start fixing up your home for the Spring. Perhaps you want to make it ready to sell, or maybe you just […]

All cars have a lifespan. You can go to the best mechanic possible, as consistently as possible, and even drive it gently; however, eventually, even the best car will not be usable anymore. Perhaps your car hasn’t passed inspection, and the necessary repairs are too expensive to justify the cost. Or perhaps your car is […]

Does a mai tai on the beach sound good to you right now? What about a quiet retreat in the mountains? Owning a vacation home–or a home away from home–can do wonders for your physical well-being and mental health. In fact, according to an article published in Science Direct, those who live half-a-mile to three […]

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It’s becoming more and more difficult for millennials to see the world. In fact, despite the fact that the younger generations are increasingly culturally aware and curious about the world around them, it may seem impossible for them to experience it. This is because millennials face a lot of roadblocks when it comes to saving […]

One of the biggest issues in any marriage is money. It’s one of the main reasons couples fight and can lead them to get a divorce if not properly addressed. Disagreements about spending and saving don’t have to create an impenetrable wall between you and your significant other. Here are some great finance tips to […]

It can be tricky to figure out just how you can stay fit when there’s snow on the ground. In warmer weather, you could go outside and take advantage of the natural terrain. But now that it’s cold, a gym membership might sound more appealing. However, gym memberships can be expensive, especially for those weeks […]

Every home has its safety hazards, from old locks to lead paint. It’s important to take precautionary measures to make sure these safety hazards don’t impact your health. But safety precautions can do more than just protect your wellbeing.

Senior citizens are now the fastest-growing population in the U.S., with older people representing one in five residents nationwide by 2030. Thanks in large part to advancements in the medical field, we’re living a lot longer — but improved healthcare is actually a double-edged sword. We might enjoy an increased lifespan thanks to medical treatments, but being […]