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by Susan Paige on September 2, 2020 · 0 comments

Procrastination has kept most of us from starting that online business that we all think about regularly. Whether it’s a lack of motivation for a career change, or insufficient information on how to start, you’re in the right place. 

Finding an online business idea is like clicking onto Lucky Nugget Online Casino and discovering a game that suits you. Knowing what your strengths are enables you to use that to guide you with your search. Online businesses are increasing every day, from Youtubers, app developers, and web designers to SEO consultants and affiliate marketers. 

Experts like Michelle Thomas understand the field of online business ideas. Here are some popular ideas on how to start an online business that are trending right now:

5 online business ideas to consider


We’ve all read a blog or two about topics we’ve Googled. Whether it be about food, finance, or hobbies, somebody has made a blog about it. Pick a subject you enjoy or are spirited about and put it into words. It’s about connecting to people, sharing your experiences, and getting feedback from your readers’ comments section.

To start your blog site, decide on a name, and get it registered with a host. The next step is to choose a blogging platform and personalize your theme. Many website builders can simplify the process for you to get you going. WordPress is a good option if you want a bit of control over the appearance of the site.

Social media consultant

You can use your social media marketing knowledge and fascination for photography to work for yourself. Focusing your trade on an individual platform, like Instagram, can generate an income while helping others improve theirs.

It’s a flexible field where you can choose your workload and who you work with. It allows you to be productive from anywhere and at any time. Keep in mind that although it’s adjustable, there’s a lot of hard work that goes into it. If you’re entirely self-motivated, this online business can be lucrative and successful.

Virtual assistant

Working from home has become the new normal, made possible by having an internet connection.

Being a virtual assistant means you do the office tasks for a company or individual from your own office. For example, you’d control and organize diaries, make phone calls, manage emails, or even do book-keeping.

Duties vary according to the customers’ needs and your expertise. All these, and more, happen outside the client’s place of work.

If you have office management experience, are tech-smart, and looking to be self-employed, you could flourish in a position like this.

Tutoring business

One-on-one communication is the first choice for most people struggling to understand a topic. Finding someone who can clarify a subject gives peace of mind, and many people pay for that help. Online tutoring will be a perfect choice amongst the various small business ideas if you’re one of those that can help.

Qualifications and training aren’t a necessity to start a successful mentoring job. Being a tutor requires a well-rounded knowledge of a topic and the knack for explaining it.

Consider advertising as part of your business plan to spread the word.




Don’t let the lack of storage space put you off your dream of starting an e-commerce website.

With dropshipping, you’re a middleman between the customer and a third-party supplier who takes that off your shoulders. The customer places an order, and you send it through to the manufacturer, who then completes the order for you.

Take a look at e-commerce on a large scale. This year’s pandemic has knocked retail in general, but digital sales have been boosted remarkably. In Canada alone, e-commerce increased by 20.7% from last year; that’s improved the overall retail estimation, making up for direct losses.

Final thought

Some of the most profitable online businesses have taken shape from skills other people overlook. Use your talents to become self-employed and start taking command over your life.

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