Tips to Help You Enhance Short Term Rentals Guest Experience      

by Susan Paige on December 31, 2019 · 0 comments

Setting up your first short term rental is just the beginning and also the easy part of your hosting journey. Ensuring it is always booked regardless of the season is where the real work is and even the hard part. Luckily for you, below is the secret recipe for that, and it all boils down to one key element — enhancing the guest experience. Having happy guests equals excellent reviews, and as you know, such reviews mean more clients. That said, how do you ensure your guests have the time of their lives while at your rental? Read on and try out these pro tips. 

  • Don’t Try to Appeal to Everyone 

Trying to make your rental appealing to all types of guests might seem like the key to ensuring you are always booked, but unfortunately, it is not. This is because you cannot make everyone happy. But when you focus on a particular group of travelers, then it will be possible to turn your space into something they love.

For instance, if you choose to focus on romantic travelers, it will become easier for you to create an enticing space for this group by customizing your décor and incorporating elements that make your rental as intimate as possible. But if you try to get everyone to book your home, you may have to opt for general decorations, and most guests will always choose for short term rentals they feel have those distinctive elements over you.

  • Make the Check-in Process Seamless

One of the places where most hosts go wrong is leaving their guests unattended during the check-in process. Even though they know what they are signing up for, go the extra mile for them by being there when they arrive. Show them around the place and even volunteer to show them around the neighborhood. It might seem like a lot of work, but it’ll make it easier for them to settle in, an aspect that most guests lack when they stay at vacation rentals.

If your circumstances can’t allow you to be there whenever guests arrive, hire someone for the job. Alternatively, you could leave a personalized welcome letter. Talk about their trip, give as many details as you can about your property, tips on how they can get around, and how they can enjoy their vacation as well as emergency contact details.

  • Ensure Your Space is Sparkling Clean 

This is obvious, but it has to be stated anyway as some hosts seem to have missed the memo. The worst thing you could do as a host is leaving the sheets unchanged or the rental looking messy. Guests want that hotel experience and, at the same time, home away from home experience. Therefore, ensure your space is always sparkling clean!

  • Always Be a Dial Away 

Again, whenever guests book short term rentals, they are usually aware of what they are signing up for. They know a rental isn’t a hotel and so they don’t expect anyone to be at their beck and call. However, emergencies come up, and at times, they may have questions or concerns. Set yourself apart from other hosts by always being a call away.

  • Prepare Breakfast

Most vacation rentals guests often opt for the rentals because they want to save and at the same time want to feel like they are home away from home. However, it feels good to wake up to a wonderful breakfast after a tiring journey or a busy day exploring. Therefore, although preparing breakfast isn’t a must, ensuring they wake up to a ready, delicious breakfast is a way to steal their hearts and have them return and leave positive reviews. Note, you can include the cost as part of their stay-in fee, and you don’t have to do it yourself as you can hire someone for the job.

The number of short term rentals is on the rise, and the market value is almost $170 billion. The only way to set yourself apart from the countless hosts around you is to ensure your guests walk away a happy and satisfied lot. You can achieve this by trying out the tips above.

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