How Workplace Safety Software Will Revolutionize Your Organization in 2020

by Susan Paige on December 23, 2019 · 0 comments

The workplace has always been an area that is supposed to be protected. No employee wants to wonder about whether or not the safety measures in their workplace are enough to protect them from harm’s way. In 2020, most organizations will begin to prioritize workplace safety, which means workplace safety software will become a necessity. No workplace can expect to protect their employees unless they adapt to the modern age, and begin using high tech to actively protect and train their employees. Here are three ways that workplace safety software will revolutionize your organization in 2020. 

Wearing Many Hats

In the past, health and safety workers were expected to only address one or two particular instances. In the past, a health and safety inspector would examine a specific piece of machinery to ensure that it met safety standards. Or, an employee would be tasked with only incident reporting. Nowadays, health and safety workers are expected to know about all of the different aspects involved in workplace safety. No more can an employee simply get by with only knowing about one small area of safety. They will have to adopt many ‘hats’ and be prepared to deal with all facets of safety and security. That is where workplace safety software comes in. For any employee that needs to adopt many hats, they will need a platform that is easily accessible via an app or webpage to access all of the information that they need. Software geared towards a specific industry will be able to do this.

Understanding Total Health

There has been a move towards total health within organizations, as keeping an employee happy and healthy is no longer just keeping them out of harm’s way. Accidents happen, but how a person maintains their health outside of work will also affect how they perform at the workplace. That is why a holistic approach is now necessary. Mental well-being needs to be a priority. A worker who is concerned about problems outside of the workplace will bring these problems to work with them. If they are distracted by these personal problems, then the chances of them losing focus on a task at work is much higher. This could result in a workplace accident, and thus, an incident report which nobody wants to experience. That is why total health must be addressed, and this can be done through facilitations and online modules which give workers the necessary coping skills to maintain their focus at work, and maintain their overall health. 

Addressing Safety Concerns

There will be incident trends that arise no matter how strong a workplace’s safety protocols are. Any safety concerns that an employee has can be added to a workplace safety software platform. Once they are there, these concerns can be addressed during workplace safety meetings, or online learning modules can be recommended for the employee who reported it. That way any safety concerns can be immediately addressed, or flagged by the system as something that needs to be examined by safety and security managers. 

Overall, high tech solutions like software will be what sets 2020 apart from 2019. 

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