A Timed Pill Dispenser is a Smart Investment for Your Home

by Susan Paige on December 23, 2019 · 0 comments

Living your best life is easier when you’re living in your best body – but it can often feel like healthy living is getting more complicated all the time. If you’re experiencing feelings of overwhelm when considering the growing list of supplements, probiotics, and vitamins you’re told that you’re supposed to be taking on a daily basis, it’s time to look into a better solution for managing your health. A timed pill dispenser can save you time, money, and frustration – freeing up your daily routine for more important tasks.

How a Timed Pill Dispenser Works

The latest innovation in household tech wizardry, timed pill dispensers are easy to program and even easier to operate, while streamlining your medicine cabinet and making storage efficient at the same time. Simply load each medication into the designated compartment, and then program the daily schedule for dispensation – including what pills you need to take at which times. The machine will automatically remind you when it’s time to take your next round of pills, and dispense all of the pills scheduled for that time at one convenient press of a button. Whether it’s your morning multi-vitamin, an afternoon B12 pick-me-up, or your evening birth control – you’ll never forget to take the recommended dose at the right time again!

Taking Convenience to the Next Level

Not only can a timed pill dispenser help to manage your daily routine, but it can also make overall medication management simpler. Get reminders when you’re running low on a pill, with plenty of notice to request a refill or make a trip to the store – avoiding the frustrating and discouraging experience of running out of a medication and scrambling to refill it! Plus, some models have the option to use a PIN code to lock the storage compartment, preventing theft or accidents and keeping children safe from accessing medications.

Helping You Support Others in Your Life

Are you caring for an aging loved one? This creative invention can make their lives easier, too! Elderly adults often deal with a complicated regimen of daily medications that often become even more confusing as they age – but their ability to keep up with each dose becomes even more critical as well. The automated dispenser can take the weight off of your mind – and theirs – by providing reminders via audible alert and putting out only the right dose each time. By utilizing technology, you’re avoiding missed pills, accidental overages, and other common medication issues often experienced by older adults.

Connectivity on the go 

Plus, syncing your dispenser to a mobile phone app can help you keep up with all of it on the go, anywhere and everywhere. Receive, track, and customize all your notifications and reminders, right at your fingertips. You can program medication changes remotely, including right in the moment from your health practitioner’s office. And if you have a family member using one, you can keep up with their activity too – so you’ll know when your loved ones took their pills, if they missed a dose or took more than prescribed, and track overall regimen adherence by time period or type of medication.

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