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Adding counters in the kitchen delivers several benefits. First, you should enjoy an increase in the value of your home. Kitchen counters create more room for you to work your culinary magic, as well as more space for you to store items such as spice and dry goods. The counters added to a kitchen make ideal spots for letting meats and seafood cool before serving time. Finally, by installing kitchen counter, you enhance the visual appeal of one of the most important rooms inside your home.

The question is not whether to install kitchen counters, but what material to use for making your home improvement idea come true.

Because of several financial advantages, you cannot go wrong by installing quartzite kitchen counters.

Overview of Quartzite

Often confused with quartz, quartzite is a natural stone that reflects the environment where the stone was discovered. Quartz is a manufactured material that is produced by crushing a stone and combining the remnants of the stone with different resins and colors. On the other hand, quartzite represents a natural formed metamorphic rock. The stone begins as sandstone and over thousands of years, it transforms into a material molded by incredible heat and pressure.

As a rapidly increasing popular choice among homeowners for creating visually appealing kitchens, quartzite presents an elegant appearance that includes a dazzling sparkling effect when the material sits under both natural and artificial light. The durability of the materials stands out for homeowners that like to place hot objects on the counters, as well as use kitchen counters for slicing vegetable and pounding chicken breasts.

However, the greatest benefit of quartzite might be financially related.

Low Cost = Saved Money

Quartz and quartzite share one attribute: The materials cost about the same. Because of its superior quality, quartzite is the better option for manufacturing kitchen counters. Quartzite starts at $60 per square foot, but most types of the natural stone material cost more than $100 per square foot.  Still, the $100 price tag is considered affordable when you compare it to kitchen counter materials that exceed $200 per square foot. The best strategy for acquiring the least expensive quartzite counters involves consulting with a home improvement professional, preferably a pro who works at one of the big box home improvement retailers.

Minimal Maintenance

The smartest decision you can make is to go with affordable quartzite for your new kitchen counters. Does this mean maintenance costs will override the financial benefit of saving money on the rugged counter material? The answer is no because quartzite requires little, if any maintenance. Sure, you have to clean it like any other type of kitchen counter material. Yet, cleaning quartzite involves using just a towel and some warm, soapy water. Quartzite resists scratches much better than higher end materials like granite and marble. It also rarely dents or chips, which eliminates costly sealant expenses.

What about Repair Costs?

Adding a costly sealant can put your home improvement budget out of whack, but what happens when you accidently place a hot cookie sheet or scorching frying pan on the top of your kitchen counters? Well, if you went with inexpensive laminate, then you probably have to pay for major repairs to the kitchen counters. That is not the case with quartzite kitchen counters. Quartzite does the best job of any other counter material of resisting the immense damage caused by prolonged exposure to heat and fire. In fact, the repair bill for your new quartzite kitchen counters should never see the inside of your email or snail mail box. Quartzite simply does not burn, nor does is become discolored because of fire and heat.

Home Value Rises

We have addressed three financial advantages of using quartzite for your new kitchen counters. Low cost: check. Low maintenance costs: check. No repair costs: check. Now, we want to discuss the biggest financial advantage of installing quartzite kitchen counters.

You will reap the financial reward of a higher home value.

On aesthetics alone, adding quartzite kitchen counters will enhance the visual appeal of the kitchen. You have heard about how curb appeal influences the value of a home. The same principle applies to kitchen counters, but instead of curb appeal, let’s refer to it as “counter appeal.” Quartzite’s availability in a wide variety of colors allows you to pair the design of the new kitchen counters to the design of the rest of the kitchen. Design harmony contributes greatly to rising home values.

Add functionality to the home value equation, and quartzite counters are a no brainer decision for homeowners. You add more storage space and you increase the number of functions you can perform in the kitchen. Moreover, you have the option to install one or more kitchen appliances into the counters to further improve the function of your kitchen.


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