3 Side Hustles You Can Do as a Couple

Side hustles are becoming more prevalent in society than ever before. There are side hustles for just about every type of person and new ones are being created every single day. Most people equate side hustling with being a solopreneur or working by yourself. However, that’s just not true. There are plenty of side hustles for couples — you just have to choose the right side hustles!

Side Hustles for Couples

If you are side hustling alone that means more time not spent with your spouse which can seriously put a damper on any relationship. If you’re away all day for your 9-5 job and then have to work by yourself on your side hustle, things might spiral south fast.

The absolute best part of side hustling together is that you inherently get to spend more time together. Sure, it’s not a candlelit dinner or a walk on the beach, but time spent together is time well spent.

Just about any side hustle can be done as a couple but some just are naturally easier with two people than others.  Here is a list of the top five side hustles you can do as a couple!

Etsy Shop

Do you and your spouse like crafts or have a special knack for making something unique? Have you ever thought about monetizing that hobby? In this guide, the author outlines how she turned $0.30 into $5,000 in just four months. That is an incredibly profitable side hustle. Of course, this may be difficult to start if you both don’t love crafts already. That said, there are thousands of shops on Etsy selling everything under the sun.
From Budgeting PDF templates to handmade soap, no hobby is too niche to try to sell on Etsy. Both you and your spouse can each have specific responsibilities for your Etsy shop. Maybe one person is more tech savvy so they can handle uploading and marketing the products while the other person focuses on creating the item.

Real Estate

Real Estate is a side hustle that pretty quickly can turn into your main hustle. If you feel like getting inspired by a couple who did just that, check out the BiggerPockets Business Podcast where J and Carol Scott talk about their house flipping business and interview others who have had success in their own endeavors.

The beauty of real estate is that there are so many different ways to invest. From wholesaling to Airbnb arbitrage, there is bound to be a way that sparks both you and your spouse’s interest. If one of you is more people-oriented, maybe they can be the deal finder and negotiator while if the other is more technical oriented, they could run the numbers to make sure you are proceeding with the best deals only.

If you decide to get into flipping, both spouses can be putting in the extra hours of painting, remodeling, and staging to get the final product to where it needs to be.

Regardless of the method, real estate investing is a great way to get all hands on deck and spend your extra side hustling hours together!

Retail Arbitrage

Retail arbitrage means reselling an item for more than you purchased it for. This can even be done with something found in a dumpster, no seriously, Financial Panther tells you exactly how he made over $1,000 through his trash treasures in this article. This has the best margins of any business out there. No startup cost, just find something, clean it up and take a picture of it to hopefully sell it. If you would rather avoid a dumpster, there are still plenty of ways to acquire highly desired items for cheap. Gary Vaynerchuk shows you how to approach a garage sale in the following video where he states that he himself (despite being a multi-millionaire) still likes to do this side hustle for fun.

One person can be the finder and one person can stage the photo. Or both of you can try to find items together and then work together to take the most visually appealing picture to get the item to sell.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let side hustling take up all your free time alone. Start a side business that allows you and your spouse to work together and utilize both sets of strengths to maximize profit potential. The three side hustles listed above are great ways to start spending more time with your spouse and also make some extra cash! Give one of these side hustles a shot and let us know how it went in the comment section!

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