4 Ways to Keep Learning and Advance Your Career in 2019

by Susan Paige on March 26, 2019 · 0 comments

Tracking your career and knowing what skills you still need to acquire will help you get ahead of your competition. Every year, the job qualifications continue to change with the fast-paced developments of technology.

Here are the top four ways to make sure your career path is on the right track this 2019:

1. Getting a mentor. Traditional jobs only involve working with fellow employees with the same level of knowledge. You need to get a mentor in order to improve your skills and understand the advance techniques in order to become a leader in your team.

Moreover, senior-level co-workers can provide you with great information, guidance, and insights regarding your job and your career as a whole. Mentors are excellent guides when it comes to years of experience in your industry. It might not be a credential you can include in your resume, but it’s an advice you can use in the real world.

2. Taking an online MBA. With so many online programs available today, you can choose which course to take so you can improve your portfolio. All you need to do is determine which skills you need to upgrade your profession and realign your career path there are affordable online mba for canadians to help you get the job positions you want.

Make sure your online degree provides ISO certification to prove its value and effectiveness. This will help you become the leader with sharp skills in decision-making and communication. And since they’re online programs, you can include it on your online pages such as LinkedIn account.

3. Attending workshops and training events. Perhaps, there are workshops available in your local area to help you hone your skills and learn new things in your field. Be active in taking part in all these events to acquire new learnings. Also, you can find potential mentor from these activities.

4. Searching for opportunities. The challenge in career development is to find the right opportunities where you can apply your skills and professional experience. When looking for a job, make sure that you want to work with the company in the long run, not just temporarily.

You can achieve professional growth when you accept challenges and overcome them using your problem-solving skills and techniques. It’s important to understand how to make logical explanations when asked about work-related questions to stay competent and efficient.

These are only some of the ways you can do to keep learning and improve your profession. So, how are you planning to stay up to date with the current skills needed in your job?

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