How to Save Money for a Special Occasion

by Susan Paige on February 20, 2019 · 0 comments

Special occasions don’t come around very often –– that’s why they’re so special, after all. Unfortunately, some of the most exciting events in life (honeymoons, bachelor parties, wedding days) are also some of the most expensive. For young couples or individuals who are already struggling with debt or money management, these banner days can actually be sources of great stress and worry. The good news is, there are a myriad of ways to save money before a major life event. Check out these five tips to help you budget more effectively for your next special occasion: 

Take What You Can Get

They say that nothing is free, but in truth, savvy shoppers can find awesome deals and reward programs that do offer significant savings benefits. More and more businesses are prepared to offer exceptional deals to individuals who are willing to sign up for email notifications, etc. Take advantage of these offers as often as possible!

Eliminate Waste 

Frugal individuals understand not just how to make smart purchases, but also how to avoid wasteful spending. As such, don’t buy items or products that you won’t use frequently. Instead of buying a book, go to the library instead. Rather than purchasing new clothes, look through your closet for old apparel you may have forgotten about. Lastly, you may have possessions that have accumulated value over time, but which you no longer use. Video games, toys, collectable cards –– selling any and all of these things could help you secure some extra cash fast.

Do It Yourself

We currently live in the DIY era. Thanks to the prevalence of helpful blogs and YouTube videos, anyone can learn how to fix a leaky faucet, plant a vegetable garden, or install an appliance in a short space of time. Resist the urge to call a professional for your next home-improvement project. With a little hard work and some patience, you’ll likely find a cost-friendly solution to your problem.

Plan for Tomorrow Today

Of course, the more you can plan ahead for expenses, the easier it will be to maintain a budget. Have a set goal in mind and develop a “spending calendar” that regimens your expenses. It may sound extreme, but it will pay off in the long run!

Have Fun! 

As we mentioned above, special occasions are meant to be enjoyed. So don’t fret too much over the costs of a single day, vacation, or event. In the end, you don’t have to be a millionaire to rent a party bus or to take a cruise. And the memories you make will far outlast any anxiety you may have over finances. Plus, there will always future opportunities to earn your money back many times over!

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