Secure Your Life After 60 – The Pension

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The pension is a concept that comes from the Latin word thought and that has several uses. It can be an amount that the State pays a person when they retire, become widowed or become disabled. Said money is delivered periodically, as for a period of time or permanently.

Pensions, in this intelligence, are part of what is known as safety, which seeks to make sure that all can meet their basic desires. The criteria for the payment of the pension depend on the legislation of each nation, as well as the amount to receive.

Specifically, we would have to explain that within what are these contributory pensions there are three types fundamentally: –

  • Retirement stress. This other modality is granted to people who, arriving at their maximum age to work according to the law, decide to put an end to their working life.
  • Disability pension. Different types of pensions are established within this category, which is granted to the person who has been working and who, due to an accident or occupational disease, for example, cannot continue to perform his professional work in the same way due to the aftermath.

On the other hand, it should also be noted that within these non-contributory pensions are included various modalities, among which the following stand out:

  • Pension, which is what a person must pay to another for being his son or root of having maintained a marital relationship so that it can survive.
  • Widow’s stress, which is given to the widow or widower of a person who has died due to illness or accident.
  • Orphan hood stress. As its name suggests, it is what is given to the children of a deceased, fundamentally during the time they are minors.

Advantages and uses of personal pension

It is a good way to accumulate all your monthly expenses on a card, since all your purchases and credit cash provisions are charged once a month the next month, against the assigned credit limit, enjoying interest-free financing. In addition, if you wish, you can split the payment of your expenses into several months, thus solving your unforeseen payments.

Total flexibility in the payment method

  • You choose how to pay at all times, being able to change the payment method when it suits you best.
  • Payment at the end of the month of purchases and credit cash provisions made with your card in the previous month.
  • Deferred payment, so that you spend what you spend, always pay the same.
  • Deferral of one or more specific purchases, in the months that you decide, which will allow you to split the payment of an extra expense or give yourself a whim.

The arrangement of cash at the moment

The transfer service to Account, with which you will have the peace of mind to be able to face your unforeseen expenses (car insurance, a breakdown at home, a family member’s wedding, etc.), since you can transfer the Available limit of your credit card to your current account and dispose your money immediately for everything you want.

Total security in your purchases

By having associated an insurance, which protects you against possible fraud made with it. You will no longer have to carry money to make your purchases.

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