Wonga Loans Are 1500%, Creditpoor.co.uk Loans are 300%

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Percentages are an advanced concept to many, and if you’re talking in percentages to a layperson,  the import, and implications of your facts are likely to sail right over his head while he nods at you, not to seem rude. Wonga, a credit broker in the UK, regularly charges interests on a loan as high as 1500%. Let us convert that to actual money. Say you apply for a Wonga loan of £100 to pick up a new designer backpack for instance, and the repayment plan is spread over ten months depending on your agreement with the agent, and you are presented with a monthly repayment figure of £150 per month. It could seem like a fair offer, until you consider that you bought a backpack for £100 and y our cumulatively paying back, for the same backpack, a whopping £1500! That could get you a brand new laptop, but you pay back a backpack loan with that.

Now let’s look at a loan of the same amount, spread over the same number of months, from Creditpoor which you can find at www.CreditPoor.co.uk, and we arrive at a repayment figure of £30 per month! This means that for the same amount of money borrowed at the same time, with an identical repayment plan, pound for pound, you’re going to lose an extra £1200 for the same service. Even though C reditpoor is clearly the better lender in this illustration, let us looking more closely at the services offered by the credit broker, to see if perhaps there’s a hidden reason why loan repayments are so much cheaper, rather reveals a lender that is empathetic toward prospective and even first time borrowers, more respectful of their time and more flexible. These reason below are why Creditpoor is the uncontroversial better choice for a credit partner, taking all pertinent issues into account. Visit now at www.CreditPoor.co.uk.

Lower Interest Rates

We have already established the vast difference in the interest rates charged by Creditpoor when compared to one of the most popular lenders, but perhaps the reason interest rates are much lower at Creditpoor has more to do with the company’s friendly position toward borrowers, seen also in their warm reception and availability to clarify things to would-be customers who are in the woods about how it works.

No Credit Score Evaluation

Creditpoor has built its business on providing credit facility to borrowers with low or bad credit scores. It is easy to see that this is a fundamental part of their service offering, as it is reflected in their name and their slogan. It is easy to see this is a big part of the company’s business strategy. So if a lender has targeted people with low credit scores from the get go, then there’s probably no other player in the market with enough technical understanding of this demographic than Creditpoor, all the more reason that low-interest payday loan checks out. Shouldn’t you be visiting now at www.CreditPoor.co.uk.

Relatively Small Clientele

This is perhaps one of the advantages of not holding the lion market share. As has been proven by Creditpoor’s impeccable customer service and support, a tight agile new generation team is far more likely to handle each application with more attention to detail, which includes attention to what the customer needs, and what plan best suits them. This is your assurance that you will be treated with respect, on time and fairly.

Flexible and Convenient loan packages

The last thing a first-time borrower needs is a loan package that can best be described as restrictive. The borrower already has taken a leap out into the water by trying this borrowing thing. He has heard stories of people who started borrowing and ultimately ruined their credit score, their finances and now are in debt. The lender that insists on unnecessary restrictions, or pokes at them with probing questions about their application is likely to frighten them enough to have them cancel the application altogether and brace for whatever happens for not having the money.

At Creditpoor, you can schedule a visit or a phone call with one of the well-informed reps whose job is to guide you as seamlessly as possible to making the best borrowing decision. For a first time borrower (or any borrower for that matter, it is a huge comfort to know that a committed expert will be available to you throughout the journey and you can rest assured that you don’t have to make any financial decision without proper guidance.
In conclusion, it is music to borrowers’  ears that a credit broker in the UK offers rates as low as Creditpoor. The extra icing on the cake is their attention to detail, easy of use engagement points, convenient repayment plans and a commitment to borrowers with a bad credit score. There’s not much else really to ask from a loan provider. So, what are you waiting for? Start clicking now at www.CreditPoor.co.uk.



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