Remaining Independent While Attaining Necessary Financial Assistance

by James Hendrickson on May 17, 2017 · 0 comments

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It may seem that big universities will end up getting you the job you want, but have you really weighed the cost? Most of the advantage of an “Ivy League” education isn’t actually in the knowledge absorbed, it’s in the alliances forged between students. You’ve heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”?

When it comes to Ivy League institutions, this principle is very representative of the reality. When you go to a collegiate institution and join a fraternity that “hazes” you in the wildest of ways, years after college when you have the opportunity to obtain employment from such fraternity brothers, you have advantage.

If your boss was someone you hazed in college, or who hazed you, and after which hazing the lot of your fraternity spent quality time carousing about town, then meeting that person in the future puts you on a higher plane of employability even if you’re entirely unsuited for the position for which you’re applying.

Certainly some fraternity brothers find their conscience and keep the total boozehounds from working at the bank they manage; but this definitely isn’t the whole story. If you were wondering why so many well-known campuses are beset by protests, marches, and students who seem to do anything but study, this is why.

The collegiate environment at many well-to-do colleges has little or nothing to do with actual education, and much more to do with collateral social interactions among young adults. The educational atmosphere is gloss on the top, the core is this interaction.

University Or Community College?

What this means is that if you’re looking to get an actual education—if you’re looking to better yourself with knowledge—then the big-ticket universities may not represent the wisest choice. The more established the university, the more of a “culture” that represents it, the more a “social” angle will characterize activities there.

Basically, you’re paying $30,000+ every year to be part of a big social club, to which you can ostensibly claim allegiance in the professional job force later on. But jobs are so scarce these days, having a degree is almost a regular prerequisite of employment. Sadly, many fraternity and sorority allegiances fail students.

Many managers understand what goes on in a modern collegiate sense. Having been there themselves, they’re not always looking for a specific institution, or even a specific degree, when they hire people. They’re looking for personality types, and evidence of professional conduct.

Ergo, your degree is often a bureaucratic hoop to jump through. The sad truth about education today is that when you’re looking to source one, unless you go into a trade school and learn something with a specific nature to it like law, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, accountancy, or the like, you’re just jumping through a hoop.

So with all that in mind, don’t lust after the big institutions; spend $10k on an apprenticeship locally and jump through the hoop. You’ll save time and money. However, if you have gone a high-profile route resulting in $33,000+ of debt, you’ll likely be frightened at the payback prospects—but don’t lose hope.

Managing Debt

Should you need resources to help you manage your student loan debt, using sites like can help you overcome that which may seem insurmountable; as the site points out: “When a student loan debt becomes unmanageable, there are ways to lower your payments.”

If you’re on the front-end of college, avoid wasting your money on institutions that are more of a social club than an educational climate. If you’ve come through this gauntlet, don’t panic. Refinancing your loan (as opposed to consolidation) can definitely help you remain free and independent while retaining upward mobility.

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