How to Refill a Toner Cartridge

by James Hendrickson on November 11, 2016 · 0 comments

copier-686304_640If you have a laser printer, you’ll really appreciate how much cheaper than ink toner is. However, even toner cartridges run out eventually – you’ll see white patches or faded print-outs – and so you’ll need to replace the cartridge. Or, alternatively, you could refill the cartridge with toner, which works out to be much cheaper than buying a whole new batch.

You can refill a toner cartridge two or three times before wear and tear sets in and you have to replace it. You can make big savings here, especially if you do your homework about how to refill the cartridge and you make sure the toner matches the OEM’s formula. Each cartridge is designed to work with a particular grain size, weight and chemical composition, so using a different formulation won’t work and may cause damage.

How you do it

First of all, find the fill hole, or make one. This hole leads to the cartridge’s holding tank; some cartridges already have a hole, which is plugged up. With others, you will need to make a hole. If you’re ordering a refill kit without a plug, the kit should feature a burn tool which will melt the fill hole into the cartridge.

Your supplier should furnish you with detailed instructions, as well as a burn tool, so you do it right.

Fill your tanks

Once you’ve located or made the hole, you need to fill up the holding tank with the toner powder. Remember, the toner powder you’ve bought is manufactured to the same specs and quality as the OEM, so it should pour in quite easily, but there’s a knack to it.

The refill kit will come with a funnel cap that screws onto the neck of the bottle of toner, so you can pour the toner into the fill hole without getting it all over the place. This is a delicate process, so take it slowly. Although the bottle may have very flexible sides, you mustn’t squeeze or shake it because you can end up spraying the fine powder everywhere. You press the funnel into the fill hole (or sometimes against it) and very carefully and gently tap the side of the bottle, allowing the powder to fall into the hole until the bottle has emptied.

Seal the hole back up

The last step is to reseal the fill hole.  If your cartridge had a pre-made fill hole you simply reinsert the plastic plug that you removed earlier.

Finally, you need to reseal the fill hole. If your cartridge features a removable plug, then this is easy, as you merely replace the plug. If you needed to make a fill hole with a burn tool, then you may have to use special metal tape to secure the hole.

Either way, once the cartridge’s holding tank is closed up, all you need to do is to very gently shake the cartridge to distribute the toner and then reinsert it into your printer!

Once this is done, you’re ready to go!

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