3 ways to save money this holiday

by Kristina Tahnyak on December 18, 2014 · 3 comments

Make your money go farther this Christmas. With a little shopping savvy there's no need to break the bank. Here are ways to save money this holiday season.

Good morning Dinks.  Well we’re almost there, it’s almost time to open gifts.  I don’t know about you but my Christmas shopping is done.  I know that’s not a big accomplishment because some people like my friend Lyanne finished her shopping before December 1st and my other friend Krystal finished hers two weeks ago.  I’m not that savvy, but it’s only a few days until Christmas and I have to tell you I’m done shopping.

I’m actually really proud of myself.  I purchased some amazing gifts and I didn’t go over budget, that has been a bad habit of mine over the last couple of years.  Nick and I spent a few Christmas’ without gifts because we were completely broke; I know that shouldn’t matter but it really broke my heart not to have a Christmas tree with gifts under it – especially because it was my fault.  Anyways now our financial situation is better (knock on wood) and we set a $50 gift giving limit this year.  How many gifts do you think I could buy for $50?

Three.  Yes that’s right, thanks to Amazon, Marshalls and TJ Maxx I bought Nick (don’t worry he’s not reading) a Philadelphia Eagles Christmas ornament ($12 at Amazon), warm comfy slippers ($19 at Marshalls) and a long sleeve pj set ($20 at TJ Maxx).  Just like that bing bang boom our tree has gifts under it and my Christmas shopping is done.

Here are 3 Ways to Save Money This Holiday Season:

Buy per unit.  I learned this money saving tactic when I started buying my own groceries.  I always look at the cost per unit instead of the overall price and you know what? It saves me money every time.  Of course I could have bought Nick $75 Dockers slippers from Macys, but isn’t that a waste of money when I can get something just as good for half the cost at Marshalls?  I think so.

Not the perfect gift, just something they’ll like.  I used to rack my mind trying to find the perfect gift for everyone and you know what, it cost me a lot of time and money.  Now I look for something I know everyone on my list wants, needs or would like…but it doesn’t have to be perfect.  By no means are the three gifts I bought for Nick at the top of his list, he wanted a new Sony surround sound system but that just wasn’t in the budget.  However they are all gifts he will love or needs and that’s all that matters.

Spread it out.  I always see people with bags and bags of stuff in the mall and I always wonder, what’s the rush?  We have a whole year to prepare for the holidays so why not spread it out over several weeks and different pay checks.  It’s better for your cash flow to spend a little bit over several months than a huge lump sum one shot.  That’s a habit I used to have and for weeks, even months, after the holidays I was living in debt to try and get back on my feet from the major expenses during the holidays.

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