Should we just be happy with what we have?

Good Morning DINKS.  I was recently reviewing my 5 Year Personal Plan as well as my Personal Bucket List of things that I want to do in my life.  I suddenly realized that a lot of my personal goals involve improving on existing aspects of my life. It made me start thinking, are we ever really happy with what we have or are we always working towards improving some aspect of our life?


Although I am not married I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for a very long time.  I am thankful that I found someone who has shared 12 years of my life with me but unfortunately our relationship is not perfect. I often wonder if I should just be happy that I found someone who loves me or should I want to find my absolute perfect match with a man who shares my personal goals and dreams? I wonder if I should appreciate the man that my boyfriend has become instead of always trying to improve aspects of our relationship.

Car and Home

For some people a fancy car and an expensive home are symbols of status.  The bigger the home and the more expensive the car means that we are making more money. Do you compare your current home value, purchase price, and home decor with your neighbours, co-workers, and friends? Maybe you bought a luxury car because that is just how you roll, or maybe you bought it because your friends also drive a Lexus, a BMW, or a Mercedes Benz. Maybe you bought your home in a neighbourhood that has a certain prestige, or maybe you bought your home in a neighbourhood that offered the best value for your money.  In my opinion a bigger home means a more expensive mortgage payment and more dust to clean, I am definitely not interested.

Investments and Savings

We may compare our Net Worth’s and the value of our investments with those of our friends, family, and co-workers, but why? Maybe we share our investment strategy because we feel that it can really help out our friends and family, or maybe we share the value of our Net Worth because it is an ego trip.  Personal finance is just that, it’s personal, so why do we always feel the need to invest more money, but more stocks, and try to invest in the next big thing?


People often value themselves based on their annual income. Whenever we negotiate our salary with a new employer or we negotiate our salary during our annual employee review with our current employer we may always want to earn a higher income.   Maybe we always strive to have a higher income because we all need money to live, or maybe we always strive to have a higher income because we always strive to have more.  We know that a better job with a higher income is out there and we are always working towards achieving more and earning more money.

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