The LAST Love Drop: A Mother and Son Need Our Help!

by Kristina on December 14, 2011 · 0 comments

It’s time for the holidays and that also means that it’s time to help out those in need who may be less fortunate than us.  Love Drop has successfully helped 10 families and given away over $80,000 to some very deserving people.  Last month Love Drop helped Jeff, Becca, and their Triplets by giving them a van full of baby stuff including toys, clothes, diapers, baby wipes, baby formula, and a crib.

This month Love Drop is helping Diomi and her son Nalee.  They have been through a rollercoaster of emotions including hard financial times, the loss of their Father and Grandfather, as well as Diomi losing her job.  Unfortunately they can no longer afford the basic daily necessities that we may all take for granted such as clothes to keep warm during the winter, and food to fill their bellies so that Nalee doesn’t have to go to school hungry.

Love Drop is asking for everyone to help this family not only so they have a great Christmas this year, but also to help this family improve their lives in the future.  Nalee wears the same clothes to school every day; they are forced to wash their clothes by hand because they can’t afford a washer and dryer or a trip to the laundry mat.

Diomi is currently looking for a job, so if you live in the Milwaukee area please try and help her out with a job offer.  Diomi wants to find a job but she doesn’t even have professional clothes to wear to her job interviews.  Come on DINKS I know that we can help out this family.  It’s time for the holidays and we have to get into the spirit of giving!

Here are some ways you can help Diomi and Nalee:

Donate Personal Products.  Unfortunately this family doesn’t have a lot so thankfully anything that you can donate will be cherished and greatly appreciated.  Please find it in your hearts to donate any type of personal products for the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom.

Give a Dollar.  Love Drop is working with Diomi and Nalee’s Church Pastor to raise money for their basic necessities such as clothes, food, and shelter.  You can make a onetime lump sum contribution to Love Drop or you can sign up to give a regular contribution on a monthly basis.

Share Love Drop with Others.  Please Tweet about Love Drop and Like them on Facebook to spread the word.  The more people who know about Love Drop the more families they can help.

The Love Drop Team is taking a well deserved vacation over the next few months.  They will be back in February so stay tuned for a New Love Drop in the New Year.  Check out all their total Drops in the meantime!

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