Are you a DINK cliche? Take the Test.

by Kristina on August 24, 2010 · 2 comments

The perfect DINK formula is a two income household as well as a childless couple.  However, sometimes the perfect formula can become a cliché.  Are you and your spouse typical DINKS?

Who are you married to? Maybe you are like myself and NOT married to your “second income”.  For the purpose of this blog we will (loosely) use the term spouse when referring to our better halves. I work in personal finance, and Nick, my boyfriend, works in IT. Although we are not the standard DINK cliché of a lawyer being married to an accountant; or some other type of career with an accreditation/designation, we are both professionals with university degrees.

What is your income? As DINKS we are stereotyped as being middle to upper class. Do you and your spouse fall into this typical DINK cliché? We do.  According to Yahoo Finance the household income of middle class households ranges from $51,000 to $123,000.  The average household income for middle class is considered to be $81,000. Nick and I have a slightly higher combined annual household income than the average. I guess we would be considered upper middle class to lower upper class.

When are you planning to have kids? Some DINKS may currently be young professionals but may eventually be thinking of becoming parents.  Some of us may just be DINKS… for now.

Where do you live? Nick and I live in an apartment in downtown Montreal. Although the cost of living in Montreal is considered to be much less than other major cities, it is still expensive to live downtown. Not only is the cost of living expensive in city centers, but we also pay for the cost of convenience. Amenities are also more expensive because we shop at trendy boutiques as opposed to the more cost efficient big box stores of the suburbs.

Why did you choose this lifestyle? Personally, Nick and I didn’t choose this lifestyle, we just sort of fell into it. We met at a young age and as we grew older we never really thought about kids because we were young and focused on our education and then our careers. Now that we are at the typical baby-making age there are too many variables and things to consider. I guess it’s the cliché of “There is never a right time.” If it happens, it happens, but we aren’t planning for it.

How do you spend your money? DINKS have a certain lifestyle. We enjoy good company, and nice things. Some people say that being a DINK is a lifestyle. But, for me, being a DINK is just a status. Nick and I don’t take extravagant trips. We usually travel twice a year to the United States.  Most of our money is spent on tangible goods for our home such as electronics. Our everyday expenses are also a bit more extravagant than others. We enjoy eating out. I like knowing that I can walk around on a Saturday afternoon shopping at Chapters (the Canadian Barns and Nobel) for books, or at LUSH Cosmetics or random personal bath and shower products.

My score is 4/6.  Although Nick and I didn’t choose this lifestyle, and we don’t spend our money excessively, I am still a DINK cliché.  What is your official DINK cliché score?

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1 Honey August 24, 2010 at 11:49 am

Let’s see…

1) Not married yet, but I have a PhD and he is an attorney. Though I am in administration and manage a $450K budget annually :-)
2) Our combined income is $132K annually, though he makes 2/3 of that and I make 1/3.
3) Never. We don’t hate kids, but we do hate the idea of having any.
4) We rent a condo in the university district of one of the most populous cities in the country.
5) We met when we were 26 and both still in grad school, and had both previously decided that we had gone into so much debt for our education that we wanted to spend our money on ourselves, not someone else.
6) We eat out A LOT, go to Vegas probably twice a year (though we may try Atlantic City soon as we have been to Vegas so many times). We have been to Europe twice since we met 4 years ago. We’ve also been to Boston, Seattle, Florida, and Chicago since meeting (though to be fair all of those were academic conferences that I was presenting at except Florida, which was to meet my dad – I went on a lot more trips that he didn’t join me for). We have an amazing brand-new electronic setup in our living room and have recently decided to get rid of our spare bedroom (we hate houseguests) and create a “mancave” with a similar setup. We collect books (have probably 10K or so).

So yeah, I think we’re pretty stereotypical!

2 Nikki February 8, 2011 at 3:58 pm

1. Not married yet, but we are getting married in a few months. We work for the government and in the nonprofit sector respectively.
2.Our combined income is 80k annually.
3. We have no desire to have children.
4. We own a condo in the suburbs of Washington D.C., though the area we live in is considered “metropolitan” since we are part of the Metro DC area.
5.We’ve both acknowledged that we are, in fact, selfish. We have too many hobbies, community programs, and goals that children would interrupt. Since neither of us really wants to sacrifice for a child, we knew that children would not work for us.
6. We want to become homesteaders at some point, but for now, we shop at farmer’s markets, I buy my clothing at thrift stores, and most of our money goes into savings, hobbies, techie goods, and grocery shopping. We RARELY eat out. I’ve cooked professionally and have found that I can make most meals cheaper at home.

We’re not your typical DINKS I guess. LOL!

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