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by Dual Income No Kids on November 25, 2009 · 0 comments

If you think that all of your bills are non-negotiable, you are wrong.

I simply refuse to pay full price for our internet service and have negotiated this successfully for years. Basically as soon as the introductory rate runs out, I call up and negotiate again for another discounted rate.

This time around I was actually in Liberia when I called to negotiate. This meant that I was even quicker to the draw and simply said that my rate had just gone up, I wasn’t willing to pay that much, and what was the best rate that they could offer me. In less than five minutes I was hanging up with my rate have been reduced from $72.95 to $32.95.

That is a savings of $480 over the course of the year.

Since I’ve done this for the last seven years since getting comcast, this means that I’ve saved literally thousands of dollars by just calling up to negotiate. Check out former posts on past successes.

Other relatively easy areas to negotiate are cell phones, maybe even land lines, cable service, credit cards, and anywhere else that takes your money.

Consider where you might be able to save money and give them a call today! You’ll be extra Thankful tomorrow!

Happy Savings,


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