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by Dual Income No Kids on July 19, 2008 · 0 comments

So I’m in Dubai tonight before I head off to the states. I’ve been in Dubai/Qatar/Dubai the last couple of nights, getting more of a flavor for the Middle East.

While most of our readers might not find themselves in the Gold Souks of the Middle East, I figured I could share some of my experiences to go there virtually!

Tonight I’m staying with a group of twenty Afghan faculty members, and thus not at my standard Marriott dwellings. Though I imagine my bed tonight – for what few hours of sleep I will get – there are some advantages.

I’m right in the heart of the city, realizing now that there is so much more to Dubai than just the mall. Thank goodness!

I went out in search of buying gold, and was close enough that I was able to wander over to the Gold Souk – aka Gold Market. I swear that this area is like Time Square on steroids, with an international twist. Lots of bright lights and tons of people. Given that Dubai’s workforce is primarily from other areas of Asia, a great many nationalities were represented in the streets.

When I finally arrived at the Gold Souk there was no question of whether I had arrived. Blinded by shop after shop of gold – I knew exactly where I was.

James & I had discussed a few nights ago that we wanted to buy some gold as an investment. The gold here is both known to be of excellent quality and price. I found a nice little shop, teeming with other buyers, and landed myself with a beautiful 100 gram square of gold. It has a lovely picture of a woman with a blindfold and an arm full of gold coins, reminiscent of lady liberty.

It was a fun and fabulous experience. Wandering back I managed to find my hotel with only one wrong turn! I also picked up some mangoes for breakfast and managed to hold off on purchasing any designer sunglasses – which I’m in desperate need of – or knock off hand bags. Perhaps another day. I only wish James were here to experience it with me!

Now I’m headed stateside in the morning, with max of five hours sleep before 48 hrs travel to Eugene, Oregon.

Wish me luck!


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