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by Dual Income No Kids on July 14, 2008 · 0 comments

There’s a little principle in shopping that generally tends to minimize the amount of buying. When you are considering a purchase, consider how much you really need this now?

It is very easy to buy stuff for someday. Don’t fall prey to this mindset. To give a few ideas of when you might run into wanting to buy something that isn’t in the now:

Season. Buying clothing for another season. While end of season sales can be tempting, I’ve learned that it is much better to avoid falling prey to buying clothing that you don’t need now. Buying for the next season is a problem in that you very well may not like it as much, and overall it won’t feel as new. This will defeat the feeling of having something new in your closet.

Size. Buying clothing for a size you aren’t today. While it is tempting to want to buy something that is smaller – just don’t do it. If you must, reward yourself once you have lost the weight.

Occasion. While you might find some outfit that is great but you don’t have a place to where it, don’t bother. Only buy when you have somewhere specific to where it. This will save you from having a wardrobe that hasn’t been worn.

Separates. If you have to buy something else just to pull together an outfit, then don’t bother. If it doesn’t fit into the rest of your closet then you might change your mind about it later anyway.

Placement. If you don’t already have a place of it in your house. If you can’t pinpoint exactly where and why you need it, then don’t bother.

Lifestyle. If it doesn’t fit into your current lifestyle, then take a pass. Even if it is for some future version of you.

With a life on the road, and a tiny apartment as my base, these questions pretty much rule out anything. Considering that Afghanistan is not a fashion show, this rules out everything else.

Tonight I considered the possibility of buying some very beautiful and well priced fine boned china. In the end I just couldn’t do it, as it would have been buying for the potential of where my life might be at some point in the future. Being the vagabond that I am, five years out would be able as early as I would dream of having more than a cafe table for dinner. Therefore, for now, china won’t be in the cards. This will save me money and hassle in bringing things back as well!

Readers: If you’ve got tips on how you talk yourself out of purchases, we’d love to hear.



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