Book Review: A Million Bucks by 30

by Dual Income No Kids on April 29, 2008 · 0 comments

This posting is a review of Alan Corey‘s A Million Bucks by 30. The book is the story of how reality tv sensation Alan Corey went from being nearly broke to being a millionaire by the age of 28. The book is partly a guide on investing, partly an entertaining story.

There are a couple of things about Corey’s book that make it stand out from the usual crop of personal finance paperbacks.

1) It’s a fun easy read. The paperback has about 220 pages, but you’ll be able to breeze through it an couple of hours. Corey has an accessible writing style that draws you into his stories and keeps you hooked.

2) It’s full of great tips. For example, in every chapter, the book has a set of ideas for being a cheapskate. For example Corey says you should bring one of your old popcorn bags and get free refills at the theater. – But he used the same popcorn bag for three months. He also bought one pair of shoes, and only one pair of shoes – a year. If you are interested in being frugal, Corey’s book has plenty to keep you occupied.

All in all, Alan’s story is a lovely entertaining romp, however you might consider taking it a grain of salt. On occasion, the author seems a bit willing to bend the rules. For example, Corey admits he made up letterhead for a fake magazine in order to score an interview with an indy band he liked. That said, his description of the hard work and hustle it takes to succeed in real state seems to reflect the efforts of a guy who made money the hard way. so, the book rings authentic even if the author strains some ethical boundaries.



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