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by Dual Income No Kids on March 8, 2008 · 0 comments

We’d like to hear from our readers about what kinds of financial tools you have found to be most useful, and what are those that you’ve dreamed of, but haven’t been able to locate yet.

We DINKs have been invited to a personal finance leaders workshop in San Francisco at the end of the month. Miel will be attending and presenting on behalf of the DINKs. Aside from having bloggers contribute from their own experience, the workshop will look into what tools we can put our heads together and build.

As we’ve begun to put together our powerpoint presentation, I realized that our best resource is to ask our readers what they are interested in finding. We can do our best to put together helpful tools, but if you’ve got ideas on what you feel has been missing in your financial toolkit, please let us know. We will present your contributions and share with other bloggers to see what we can do in furthering your financial resources.

Thanks much for your ideas and suggestions.



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