The Mad Genius of Mutual Funds

by Dual Income No Kids on October 22, 2007 · 1 comment

Once in a while you come across someone truly extraordinary. When you do, its often remarkable the impression they leave on you. While I’m not a genius when it comes to mutual funds, there is someone who might be considered a contender for the title. His name is Ken Heebner and he’s been called “The Wizard of Wall Street” and the “Mad Genius of Mutual Funds”.

Heeber is one of the streets best kept secrets. His two funds, CMGFX and CGMRX have both handily beaten the S&P 500 over the past 5 years. Working largely under the radar, Heebner has a background that is well suited for wall street. He’s been employed with smaller investment shops since 1965, and is reputed to be utterly unmoved by the opinions of others. Since investing is inherently a risky proposition, being able to think independently is a key attribute.

Heebner’s downside is that he’s inconsistent. While his funds have performed well on average, he has a penchant for rapidly moving his concentrated holdings and retains stocks an average of only 4 months. This seems due to his constant search for new opportunities for market inefficiencies. As a result his rate of turnover is something like 223%. The skinny on Heebner is here, here and here.

My advice: keep an eye on this guy. Most stock market types are pretty mediocre. When you find someone who is good at making money and creating wealth, it would seem sensible to follow their career. Try getting a google news alert for his name or for his mutual fund ticker symbols. That way you’ll know when something comes up.

Good luck investing!

p.s Thanks and acknowledgments to our fellow blogger 1stMillionat33 for letting me know about this guy.

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