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by Dual Income No Kids on March 5, 2007 · 0 comments

Looking for some content for our blog, I thought it might be interesting to look for financial tips for women. I first came to a site that listed 12 financial tips for women. I couldn’t help but look at some of these that screamed the gender stereo types, including “don’t fear risk”, “don’t go it alone”, and “get emotional support if you need it.”

While I was seeking for real ways that women could get ahead financially in the world, I was floored by the limitations that were set upon women seeking financial know-how. While I’ve read my fair share of financial literature, I realize now how male focused the field is. As a woman I’m a bit surprised at the fact that this didn’t occur to me previously.

Thinking about the issue now, it makes me curious as to what the best way is to address advising women in financial topics without acting as though we are incapable of handling finances. Even the content that is developed by women, for women, feels very soft and swishy. I feel that this underestimates the power that women both already hold, and are capable of having.

One tidbit I found to be of value was this observation in the article, “Women look at money as a lake,” perceiving it as a finite resource, says Liz Perle, author of “Money, A Memoir.” “Men look at it as a river, constantly renewing.” Consequently, “women are afraid to risk.”

Stay tuned later for more interesting findings on women’s finances.



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