Fighting Extra Fees

by Dual Income No Kids on March 10, 2007 · 0 comments

This posting falls along the lines of dealing with unreasonable consumer charges. So, to make the story short, last weekend I ordered new checks for my personal account at PNC. Much to my dismay, I noted a $24.99 printing fee on my account. This was somewhat shocking as I have a free account at PNC, and was assuming free checks were part of that. Evidently, PNC was not in agreement with this, and charged me the $24.99.

I wasn’t having it, and immediately sprang into action! I got on the phone and got through to PNCs customer service. At first the customer service guy didn’t budge. I tried everything. First, I asked nicely to have the charge removed. Then I invoked the “good customer” routine, and said they should waive the fee because I was a good customer of PNC. That didn’t work either. Finally, I determined that the rep could not help me, and asked to speak to his supervisor. That did the trick.

This morning the charge got removed.

Final Score: James: 1, PNC 0.


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