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by Dual Income No Kids on March 14, 2007 · 0 comments

One great thing about blogging is that a lot of smart entrepreneurial types are attracted to personal finance blogging. I’ve been emailing with a couple of fellow personal finance bloggers. As a result of this, I wanted to highlight a few money making ideas that have come up:

1) So far, my wife and I have about $3,300 loaned on Our average interest rate is 21% , but this reflects the fact that our loans are heavily skewed towards borrowers who have less than perfect credit. Getting set up on prosper is super easy and you can do it with only $50, so why not live a little? Many prosper borrowers are entrepreneurs or are stuck in a payday loan borrowing cycle, so even if you’re lending at a high rate you’re still doing some good.

2) Investing In SubPrime Lenders: Everyone knows what subprime lenders are. These guys are loan companies that give mortgages to people who have bad credit. Because the real estate boom is over, the subprime lenders have taken a beating in the stock market. For example, share values in companies like Novastar Financial (NFI) have collapsed. NFI’s share prices declined from over $30.0 to $3.40 today. Other troubled outfits like Freemont General (FMT) have seen their shares drop by 66% from $22 to $6.30.

In short, there is a fire sale on for subprime lenders. Also, I believe the market has overreacted to the troubled faced by this sector. So it might make sense to think about taking a position in a subprime lender whose stock has the potential to rebound in the near future.

Just to end this posting, I wanted to give some thanks to Lazy Man and Money and Adventures in Money Making for their creative thinking! Thanks guys!

Good luck making money!



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