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by Dual Income No Kids on February 2, 2007 · 0 comments

I know that the burden of financing education is by no means new to most of our readers. Most of us feel the pain of student loans month after month, long after the fun of college is over.

Even after you pay $40-$120k on an undergraduate degree and walk away with $20-$60k in debt, most just accept this as a necessary part of getting a job that then pays you $20-$40k annually. Funny how that math works. This happens to be one of those parts of life that doesn’t make much sense when you really look at it, but most people don’t question it or put up much of a fuss.

Now for the ranting…

I’m facing the question of how much it is worth to take a class I’m not interested in. The short story is that I just started back at classes to discover that the class I’m enrolled in:
a) Is not a required course for graduation (but this was not told to us until we are now two weeks into class…
b) I’d have to take another class, which is not an option as we are two weeks into classes…
c) Dropping the class would mean that I’d graduate six months later than scheduled (July 2007 seems so close and so far away…December would be even further)
d) The course is being taught by two professors and an teacher’s assistant who don’t seem to have their act together at all (the syllabus and class format are just one prof’s ideas laid on top of the other’s, plus the reading for this week was dull and unstimulating)
e) The course has a two and a half day workshop that is required and happens to be at the same time I’m supposed to go back to the Ukraine for work. The prof says that while you can do a term paper instead, the whole class will be focused around the workshop and you’d miss the boat if you couldn’t make it. Note that the whole point of my eduation is to have opportunities like the one going to the Ukraine…
d) Finally, the finances are that I’d be paying $4,375 out of my own pocket, plus interest, to participate in a class only for the reasons of graduating earlier and not letting down my classmates. That’s the break down.

Oh, the choices of life. We have to pay for them all eventually….plus interest.


Any comments would be appreciated!

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