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by Dual Income No Kids on February 13, 2007 · 0 comments

I think the key is to make them smile. This would be the lesson that James and I learned over the weekend as we collected freebies and James bargained for a discount on his shoes.

To first set the scene, we trekked out to the mall, via metro, and first went to Aveda to pick up two free curl samplers (my dear friend passed on her freebie as she has straight hair). Even though I’d waited about a month to pick it up they were still in stock. Next we headed to Godiva. I mentioned that I had heard on their email list that they were doing free samples. We each got a white chocolate ganache out of that. Then I had two freebie samplers (2 each). Both had expired while I was in Africa, but they didn’t even notice. Thus we walked out of Godiva with six free pieces of Godiva chocolate (in our tummy or in a nice gold bag).

Next we trouped to the discount shoe joint, DSW. James found his shoes easily and then asked the woman for a discount. She laughed and called her manager. The manager came over and James sweet talked her into a 10% discount. She said that she couldn’t give a discount on a perfectly good pair of shoes, and if there was a problem with the shoes then perhaps she could. James was honest and said that he loved the shoes, that he could find a problem with them if he had to look hard enough, but that he would mostly be that much happier with his purchase if he could get a discount. It worked. We really should have a blog video of this, as it was very cute. James worked his mojo and got the discount.

Lesson here: Two free Aveda samplers, 6 free pieces of Godiva chocolates, 10% off at DSW. Not bad for a day’s outing to the mall!

Try it yourself! You might get a discount!


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