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As James noted in a recent post, trends show that blogging is taking off in new ways. It seems from the BBC segment that I’m watching now, that advertisers are now becoming hip to this trend as well.

Looking for new avenues for reaching consumers, advertisers are now turning to blogs as a medium. James & I have been discussing this recently in relation to our own blog. With the previous version of blogger, we were signed up for Adsense. With over a hundred posts in our blog and a fair share of readership, we had made all of something like $13. When the platform changed, we considered other ways to make our efforts worthwhile.

We put out there to see if we could get any advertising on our site. While we were able to generate a bit of interest, that was more lucrative than our previous earnings, we began to debate the ethics of advertising. Is it best for our readership? We had concerns with advertisements that might go against our ethical views of money management.

While we are still in the middle of our debate, I flew to the Ukraine amidst this conversation, we would love to hear your opinions on what the parameters should be for blogvertising.



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