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by Dual Income No Kids on July 23, 2006 · 0 comments

As you all know, weddings often hold the tradition of gift giving close at heart. These days that means registering to your heart’s content. I’ll be honest that given the small size of our apartment and our propensity towards keeping down the clutter, the task felt a bit daunting when I first brouched it in the spring. After brain storming for possible gifts and roaming Bed, Bath & Beyond until closing, I left with only 12 things on our registry.

On a more practical note, here are some tips that might help you get the most of your registry:

1) Register at locations that your family and friends have easy access to. This may seem like a no brainer, but this is more difficult when either the wedding or your family are in different locations. For instance, we received very little off of our Williams-Sonoma registry because there was not a store where more of our guests live. You have to not only make it convenient for you, but also for them.

2) Research return policies and make sure they have what you want in your price range before you register. We selected Target because we like some of their online customer review function, but the downside is that gift cards and exchanges can only be used in store, which is a huge disadvantage in my opinion.

3) Make the most of what you get! For instance, a bonus of Bed, Bath & Beyond is that all gift cards and exchanges can be redeemed in cash. This is truly helpful for those who may not want money tied up in gift cards. Additionally, you might not know that BB&B system also doesn’t recognize when coupons have expired. That means if you save those 20% coupons that come in the mail, or sign up for their mailing list and get $5 purchases over $15, this can save you a lot of money. Today we made some exchanges and saved $18 on what we got instead. Not a bad way to make our wedding money go further.

My last tip, stop when it quits being fun! Same goes for any other wedding preparation task.


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