REIT to Boost Transparency in Real Estate Sector

November 2, 2014

India’s economy has gone through some fluctuations over the past number of years. But it’s beginning to get out of its most recent slump, especially in the real estate market where rapid growth is starting to take a firm hold. According to the India Brand Equity Foundation, the Indian real estate market has turned into […]

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Weekly roundup: Halloween, Marriage and Money

October 31, 2014

Good morning Dinks and Happy Halloween.  Are you giving out candy tonight?  Nick and I live in an apartment building and I have yet to see a child in this neighborhood so we are going to stay in eat candy and watch scary movies.  A few of our other childless friend couples are going to […]

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Online Banks: Are you convinced?

October 30, 2014

Good morning Dinks.  Do you have an online bank yet?  I’m not asking if you log into your bank’s online portal to pay bills and transfer funds.  I want to know if your primary bank is completely virtual. When online banks were first introduced it was a nightmare for me as a financial planner, but […]

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What if you didn’t have to work 9 to 5

October 29, 2014

Good morning Dinks.  Two months ago my company announced they are being sold to a competitor and although it’s supposed to be “business as usual” my current employer can’t help but talk about how beneficial it will be once the takeover begins. What is a flexible work schedule? Our new employer is offering a variety […]

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Do you gamble with your money?

October 27, 2014

I’m not asking if you go to a casino and drop $500 down on the table for one hand of Black Jack or one roll of the dice.  I mean do you like your income, expenses and debt to be consistent every month or are you OK if they fluctuate? Even though I’m young and […]

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Extreme Early Retirement

October 26, 2014

Folks, I don’t know how many of you are big followers of personal finance blogs – however if you haven’t heard about the extreme early retirement movement, it worth reading up on. The main idea is to maintain your lifestyle while minimizing your input of efforts and money. People who are really into the lifestyle […]

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Weekly roundup: Gyms, retirement and cars

October 24, 2014

Happy Friday Dinks.  How was your week?  Mine was great.  I’m feeling more and more at home in our new apartment and I joined a gym in my new neighborhood.  Yep that’s right I, lover of the outdoors, joined a gym.  For the next 12 months I will have $43 deducted from my bank account […]

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I’m in debt again – and it’s OK

October 23, 2014

Good morning Dinks.  Nick and I have been in our new apartment for almost a month and although we still have some furniture to buy and some boxes to unpack we are slowly but surely getting settled into our new space. I have advocated many times here on Dinks Finance that I am not a […]

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5 reasons I’ll always take the bus

October 22, 2014

Good morning Dinks.  As you know buying a car was my biggest financial mistake and although some days I do really miss the convenience of hopping in my ride I will probably never buy a car again.   Actually that’s not necessarily true I will never buy a new car again unless I really need it.  […]

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