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How Owning 22 Rental Properties Can Retire You Faster Than $1M in a 401K

June 1, 2014

Hi All, As part of our ongoing mission to bring you the best and freshest content on the interwebs, you might consider checking out Stephen Davis’ piece on real estate investing. Its a great little outline on how you can accelerate your retirement wealth building using a snowball real estate strategy. There is a lot […]

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DINKS April Net Worth – Up 20k to $1.1 Million

April 28, 2014

Hi All, This last weekend, my wife and I sat down and totaled up our net worth.  April saw our wealth climb to $1.1 million.  This is a slight improvement of $20,000 over the $1.08 million we had in February of this year.  Here is a quick recap of some highlights, as well as well […]

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Rental Property Sold!

April 22, 2014

We just took a big step in selling one of our rental properties. This was actually James’ baby, which he purchased in August of 2003, four months before I moved out to Washington. This studio apartment, in the heart of Dupont Circle and a whopping 336 sq ft, was what we initially cut our teeth […]

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Appliance Purgatory

February 4, 2014

One of the realities of home ownership is dealing with repairs and maintenance, this is particularly true for managing rental properties. With our three rental properties, our own home, plus a vacation beach rental, we have more than our fair share of home maintenance. Even with all that we own, more often than not, things […]

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Applying for a Mortgage? Banks Will Want More Info

November 24, 2013

Hi All, File this under good to know if you’re going to shop for a mortgage in 2014. Evidently the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) has issued new amendments regulating consumer’s ability to replay loans.  Pretty much the next time you go to the bank for a new mortgage, your lender will probably be asking […]

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DINKs October Net Worth: Broke Through the $1,000,000 Mark

October 27, 2013

Hi All, We updated our net worth this month.  It looks like we’ve passed the one million threshold.  This is terrific news.  My wife and I have been seriously working at building our finances for over a decade, so its nice to see some payoff. In terms of the major takeaways here – most of […]

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Thoughts On Getting Ahead Financially

October 9, 2013

Last weekend my wife and I sat down and added up our net worth.  We are somewhere between $950,000 and $980,000 depending on how it’s calculated.  This is isn’t too bad for a couple in their 30s.  When I think about the things we’ve done to get to where we are, a few points come […]

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No Such Thing As Passive Income

September 17, 2013

I wanted to take a minute to weigh in on one of the internet’s biggest obsessions: passive income. Passive income is the kind of thing bloggers love to write about: money coming your way with little or no effort or risk on your part.  When you read about passive income, you’ll usually get a list […]

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Real estate investing: Are you convinced?

September 16, 2013

Good morning Dinks.  As a financial planner I am always looking for the perfect investment strategy.  I don’t try to time the market, I try to find the perfect balance between different investment classes that include both fixed income and equity. I am what you would call a balanced investor.  I don’t like to take […]

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