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DINKs Finance – About Us

February 11, 2014

As we work on various improvements to our blog, we thought we’d share a more extensive About Us post. You can look forward to enhanced tabs with better access to some of our best content over the last eight years, as well as other resources we recommend. DINKs Finance was established as a blog in […]

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Warren Buffet Speaks to UGA Students

January 27, 2014

Hi All, There are tons of investing videos out there. Most of them aren’t very good, so when you do come across someone like Warren Buffet who has strong money making skills, it’s probably worth listening to. Here is a 2001 lecture by the oracle of Omaha himself to UGA students. While there isn’t much […]

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Money blast from the past

January 23, 2014

Yesterday I had a conversation with my Mom about my personal financial situation and for the first time in many years it actually went well.  I didn’t have to be ashamed of my personal financial situation and I could talk honestly about what was happening in my life, money wise. After the market crash I […]

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How does money change you?

January 14, 2014

We were out at dinner the other night with a couple of close friends. We were discussing stocks, as we often do with this particular group of friends. When we noted that we had surpassed the Million Dollar mark, our friend commented how refreshing it is see that we’ve done so well for ourselves and […]

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Loyal3 – Bringing Back Free Stock Trades

January 6, 2014

Hi All, A new start-up online broker, Loyal3, is making waves in the stock brokerage industry. The company seeks to use social media platforms to make stock ownership cheap and accessible to the general public. Loyal3 is focused on allowing investors to easily buy stocks in household consumer brands directly from their webpage or through […]

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Gamble wisely without losing it all

December 23, 2013

Good morning Dinks.  I am not sure if you know this about me, but I love to gamble.  But because I am a huge control freak and a former spend-a-holic I don’t do it very often, however when I do gamble I always have a good time.  I don’t gamble for the same reasons why […]

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My Black Friday Shopping Breakdown

December 5, 2013

Good morning Dinks. Remember last week when I said that I wouldn’t go out shopping on Black Friday? Well I was with my best friend and she really wanted to go out and find a new dress.   The thought of being in an overcrowded, hot shopping mall is comparable to scraping nails down a chalkboard, […]

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Want to Get Amazing Investing Returns?

December 1, 2013

…ask Warren Buffet. This evening I was researching how to optimize my stock market portfolio and I stumbled across the 2009 annual letter from Warren Buffet to his Berkshire Hathaway shareholders.  One figure on the second page made me sit up and take notice.  Between 1964 and 2009 Berkshire Hathaway returned a total of 434,057%.  […]

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Made money mistakes? 3 tips to help you get back on track

November 20, 2013

Good morning Dinks.  Let’s get real for a minute or two.  So your personal financial situation is less than ideal.  So your credit card balance is higher than the balance in your bank account.  So you can’t afford to go on vacation this year. So what? We have probably all been there – I know […]

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