Money Management

Three Ways to Review Your Expenses

September 14, 2016

Good Morning, Dinks! How is everyone today? I hope all is well. Do anyone’s expenses seem to fluctuate each month? For the most part, my expenses stay the same. I know what bills I’m paying, and I usually budget for everything else.  Some people have no idea where their money is going. At the end of each […]

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When Life Happens: Reasons the Good Times Require a Good Financial Planner

September 10, 2016

Some people might turn out be better handling their money than others but generally speaking, there are definitely times in everyone’s life where a bit of financial wisdom from someone who has trained to understand the intricacies of financial planning, might prove to be invaluable. There are are always life events that require some advance […]

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5 Ways to Make Money While You Sleep

September 7, 2016

Making money while you sleep is not as hard you might think. With strategic, hard work, it can be done. There are several ways that you can make money while you sleep. Today, I want to go over five of them. Selling an Info Product If you’re good with a particular subject, you may want […]

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How to Save Money on Your Utility Bills

August 30, 2016

There are a lot of inexpensive ways to keep costs low in your home and you don’t have to go through extreme measures to achieve that. It is common for the average family to have several hundreds of dollars of utility bills to pay every month and sometimes it can be quite challenging, especially nowadays […]

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Last Minute Financial Aid Tips For Non-Traditional Students

August 15, 2016

It seems like more and more people are going back to school to either finish their degree or to get another one. Non-traditional student populations are on the rise all over the country. With many non-traditional students having not been in school for years, I want to go over a few last-minute financial tips. Make sure the […]

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Spending Less on Food

July 25, 2016

Hello, Dinks. The amount of money that people spend on food can be quite high. Some folks don’t even have a food budget. They just go to the store and buy what they want. They worry about the cost later. As Dinks, I know that you are focused on doing the right thing with your […]

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4 Key Components of Financial Planning

June 15, 2016

Financial planning helps you analyze your long-term and short-term financial goals and also create a balanced plan in order to help you meet your goals. When it comes to effective financial planning, it involves more than just balancing your checkbook every month. Your ultimate goal should be extensive financial planning and gaining financial clarity in […]

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How to Effectively Manage Your Finances

June 15, 2016

Money is something which you cannot absolutely do without. Even though it is regarded as being the source of happiness, money is something which is much more than that. This is because without money, it would actually be very difficult to survive. Not only that, but you would also need money to make sure that […]

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Do You Need a Roommate?

May 28, 2016

All of us put a price on our alone time with some valuing it much higher than others. But what sort of financial cost are you willing to take on in order to live alone? For some people, especially millennials, having a roommate is something that is a necessity. Those that live in major cities […]

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