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The Little Amounts Add Up; Make It Work For You

February 6, 2015

Whenever we hear or read about budgeting, we read “you’d be surprised by how the little things add up.” A coffee, out to lunch a couple times last week, forgot my sunglasses at home so I’ll just buy a cheap pair. Essentially, we know. The little things add up; but typically that is working against […]

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Why You Might Need Life Insurance (Even if You Don’t Have Kids)

September 9, 2014

When it comes to life insurance there’s a big misconception that if you don’t have kids you don’t need coverage. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, there are many instances when singles need insurance and even more cases where DINKS need coverage. So today I wanted to take a look at the […]

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One Amputation, Two Broken Teeth, and $9,000 of Debt

July 29, 2014

[Guest article for y’all today by Grayson of] I am sure most of you have heard the old saying “when it rains, it pours!” Well, that happens to also be the story of my life, at least when I was deep in credit card debt. I had just come to grips with my massive […]

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DINKs Finance – About Us

February 11, 2014

As we work on various improvements to our blog, we thought we’d share a more extensive About Us post. You can look forward to enhanced tabs with better access to some of our best content over the last eight years, as well as other resources we recommend. DINKs Finance was established as a blog in […]

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Value of Travel Insurance

December 3, 2013

I travel all the time.  I buy plane tickets like other people buy gas.  Thus far I’ve been pretty steadfast in opting out of travel insurance, thinking it isn’t worth the extra tack on in price.  Over the years I can’t say that I haven’t paid my fair share of fees for changes, the price to pay […]

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Small Business Saturday

November 30, 2013

Today is the day to get out and support the local small businesses in your area.  Clearly an effort to compete with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I think it is a great initiative to support. You likely already know your favorite shops in your area, but you can also find out which small business […]

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Is a Credit Report Freeze More Trouble Than It’s Worth?

April 11, 2012

(Guest Post by Jay S. Fleischman) Two years ago my friend decided to get into the world of home ownership. The market had tanked, and he figured it was a good investment in his future. At first, the stars were perfectly aligned. He had great credit, a stable job, and money in the bank. At […]

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5 Smart Ways To Use Your Tax Refund

April 5, 2012

Hello readers of Dinks Finance!  It’s Redeeming Riches here and this is my post for our article swap.  It’s an honor to post on Dink Finance, especially since the site has been an “idol” of mine for a while now.  At Redeeming Riches, we try to convey what the Bible says about personal finances in […]

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Are You Wasting Money on Credit Card Interest?

March 15, 2012

(Guest Post by Jeffrey Weber) If you have credit card debt and good credit, chances are pretty high that you’re wasting money on interest. Just how much you’re wasting will vary tremendously based on your interest rate and average monthly balance, but here are a few numbers to reflect on: A person who carries an average […]

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