3 ways to save money this holiday

December 18, 2014

Good morning Dinks.  Well we’re almost there, it’s almost time to open gifts.  I don’t know about you but my Christmas shopping is done.  I know that’s not a big accomplishment because some people like my friend Lyanne finished her shopping before December 1st and my other friend Krystal finished hers two weeks ago.  I’m […]

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Yes you can. Budget that is.

December 17, 2014

Good morning Dinks.  I know you think you can’t, but yes you can.  I know you’re thinking you live on only what you need, but no you don’t.  You’re probably thinking you couldn’t possibly make more cuts in your daily, weekly and monthly budget, but yes you can. We’ve all been there.  It’s the part […]

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My debt free living

December 15, 2014

Good morning Dinks.  A couple of weeks ago I confessed that now after three years of being debt free I’m in debt again.  Even though I get credit card bills at the end of the month I don’t consider myself in debt.  Why?  Because I’m not running around town buying everything and anything with my […]

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Weekly roundup: Debt, Budgets and Failures

December 12, 2014

Good morning Dinks.  It’s Friday and we’re another week closer to Christmas.  Are you getting excited yet? I am.  I love the holidays, everything about the holidays from the smell of Christmas trees and eating cookies to spending days in my pyjamas and binge watching Netflix. I know some families celebrate the holidays with a […]

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6 things you need for your next vacation

December 11, 2014

The weather is getting cold and the holidays are quickly approaching.  You may be getting ready to leave the cold weather behind and head to warmer climates for a week or two.   As you know I love to travel, I mean I really really love to get away.  I know some people like to go […]

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Venus and Mars and The Holidays

December 10, 2014

Good morning Dinks.  It’s that time of the year again; the time when everyone is making shopping lists, searching stores to find the perfect gift and waiting in line at the grocery store with all the fixings to make the perfect meal.  Well at least that’s what I hear people do during the holidays.   As […]

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3 Things Your Credit Score Needs

December 8, 2014

Good morning Dinks.  Do you ever wonder what your credit score is?  What it does or why you should care about it?  Truth be told I never cared.  Yes it’s true I was a financial planner and I never cared about my credit score.  In my 20s I already had several credit cards so I […]

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Weekly roundup: Shopping, Small Biz and Debt

December 5, 2014

Good morning Dinks and happy Friday.  The holidays are in full swing around our home.  I already started Christmas shopping and this weekend we’re getting our Christmas tree.  I absolutely love the smell of a fresh Christmas tree and within 24 hours our entire apartment is going to smell just like evergreens. When do you […]

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A company takeover is everything but business as usual

December 4, 2014

Good morning Dinks.  A couple of months ago I announced my company is being sold to a competitor.  The sale started in September and it’s expected to close any day now, this is the definition of bad timing.  Who wants to go into the holidays worrying if they’re going to have a job in January? […]

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