Nuances of Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

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broken-1845592_640Garage doors are important part of your home. But most people hardly understand the value of garage doors till the time they develop certain problems. Therefore, it is important that these doors are taken care of and serviced at regular intervals. With regular servicing and maintenance, small problems come to the notice and they can be repaired quickly. Generally the problem with garage doors starts with the springs. It is needless to say that springs have an incredibly important role to play in operation of the garage door. While some conditions of the spring are repairable, others might need complete replacement for smooth functioning of the garage doors.

Use of torsion springs in garage doors

Residential garages mainly have two kinds of springs in the garage door – extension springs and torsion springs. The latter category of springs is seen to be mounted above the garage door directly. The main function of this spring type is to balance the door properly. Balancing the door means that same amount of pressure should be used while opening and closing the doors. When the garage door is properly balanced, there will be no problem in lifting the doors as well as bringing it down. With regular balancing of the doors, the springs might lead to extensive wear and tear and stop functioning the way it should. If the damage is beyond repairable limits, it is recommended to go for garage door torsion spring replacement. Installing fresh springs bring back the garage doors to its original form.

Common reasons that lead to problems in torsion springs in garage doors

The average life cycle of torsion springs in garage doors is about 7-10 years. Almost 10,000 open and close cycles are covered in this. However, it has been seen that the torsion springs have broken or problems have come up in the same within 1-2 years of installation. These are exceptional cases and it has to be understood that there might be some defect in the springs.

Mentioned below are some common reasons that lead to problems in garage door torsion springs:

  • Incorrect installation of the springs and the garage door
  • Age of the springs
  • High levels of wear and tear
  • Constant exposure to temperature extremities – both hot and cold weather conditions
  • Lack of maintenance and servicing of the garage door
  • Rust formation and corrosion
  • Faulty alignment shifts and excess door weight
  • Additional weight added on the door post installation
  • Damage caused to the garage door somehow

Fixing the problem of torsion springs in garage doors at the earliest

Some people have natural knack of repairing and servicing mechanical things like garage doors and other kinds of equipments. If the right kinds of tools and equipments are available, they might carry out the job of garage door torsion spring replacement quite easily. However, if you are not very sure about the thing, it is recommended to get professional assistance. The only thing that should be kept in mind is that the problem should be fixed at the earliest to avoid accidents or other mishaps.

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