Make Sure Your Ski Holiday Doesn’t End with Thousands of Medial Bills

by James on February 27, 2017 · 0 comments

gaishorn-2080138_640Flights, accommodation, insurance: this is the triad of things that you should arrange before you head off on that ski trip. Though most ski trips are incident free, if you do have an accident when skiing, or if you find yourself needing any kind of medical care abroad, a travel insurance package will prevent you from being hit with medical bills that can run into the thousands. Flights and accommodation can easily be found online quickly, however when it comes to travel insurance for a skiing holiday, a little more time should be spent ensuring the policy will cover you for ski and winter sport accidents.  Below is a guide to what we think you should think about before purchasing.

Ski insurance cover often needs to be more extensive than ordinary travel insurance

Everyone should take out comprehensive travel insurance when they go on holiday or when they travel abroad for business. If you will be going on a cultural tour of Venice, or checking out the bars in Bratislava, a regular travel insurance policy will suffice. Skiing, however, requires a more wide ranging type of travel insurance. This is because skiing is classed by most insurers as an extreme sport and a winter sport in recognition of the fact that it carries with it a greater element of risk than simply pottering around the streets of Prague. Most travel insurance companies will ask you to check a box stating that you wish to be covered for winter sports abroad when you take out insurance with them, and this insurance will tend to be slightly more expensive that regular insurance packages.

What makes a good medical travel insurance package for skiers?

Finding the best ski insurance is all about achieving a balance of different factors. Cost is an important factor, and it makes sense to shop around and see which companies are offering the cheapest insurance. Skiers also need to insure their belongings abroad (we all know that ski gear doesn’t come cheap!) and often you will be able to secure an insurance package that combines medical insurance and contents insurance. Make sure to read the small print of your insurance policy to make sure that it covers the specific activities that you will be doing (for instance if you plan on skiing freestyle without being under the tutelage of an instructor). If you suffer from a medical condition such as asthma that is unconnected to skiing, moreover, it is crucial to check that your insurance policy will cover any medical care that you need for this preexisting condition whilst abroad. Finally, check that you have taken out a policy for the correct continent: insurance providers often provide different policies for Europe, Asia, South America and the US.

A load off your mind

Taking out medical travel insurance before you head off on that dream ski holiday takes just a few moments to do. For a few dozen pounds, you will secure the peace of mind that you need to take to the slopes without having to worry about how you will foot the bill if you need to replace a lost inhaler or deal with a broken leg. Remember, though, that most ski trips are free of accident and injury. Stay sensible, stay covered, and happy skiing!

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