First Time Bike Insurance

by Jason Butler on January 25, 2017 · 0 comments

First Time Bike InsuranceWhat’s going on Dinks? Do any of you ride motorcycles? If so, you may have had to shop around a little bit for insurance. It can be hard to figure out how much motorcycle insurance will be for the first time rider. There are several factors that you have to consider.

Road experience

One thing that the insurance company will take into account is the amount of road experience that a rider has. If you’re a brand new rider, you can expect to pay a little more than someone who’s been riding for a while. Besides road experience, the insurance company will also consider the riders age, where the bike will be kept, the type of bike and the person’s zip code. That’s a lot of things to be taken into consideration.


Age is the next factor. As expected, younger riders are likely to pay more for their insurance. Just like with cars, they are considered high risks for accidents. The older that they get, the more experience that they will have. Younger riders who stay in or around an area that is considered high crime may also find that their insurance quote may be a little more.

Bike usage

Bike usage is the next thing on the list. If your bike is your primary mode of transportation, you will be given a higher quote than if it isn’t. If you’re using your bike for leisure activities, you will pay a cheaper amount since you’re not using it every day. With car insurance, it can be the same way. If you drive your car less than a certain number of miles each year, your insurance will be less.

Engine size

If you are a first-time bike rider, you should avoid buying a bike that had a large engine as your first bike. Bikes with larger engines are more powerful and newer drivers may struggle to keep control. That makes you a higher risk because you could easily wreck the bike.  If you have a lot of wrecks, your premium will go up. The smart thing to do is to spend a few years riding a small bike. Doing that will keep your premiums low. Also, your risk of an accident will be much less. With that happening, you might even have a chance of receiving a no claims bonus when it comes to renewing your policy. If for some reason your plan does go up, shop around and find a cheaper company.

Compare prices

Before you buy a bike, you should use a price comparison website to find out how much the different insurance companies are likely to charge before you make that purchase. A lot of new riders can expect their insurance to be a little expensive during that first year. It is possible to get that price lowered in a year or two. Make sure that you are a safe rider.

As you can see, there are several things that first-time bike riders have to consider when it comes to getting bike insurance. Your road expenses, your age, your bike usage, your engine size and price comparison are just a few things that first-time bike riders should think about. Once you get those things figured out, it will be time to choose an insurer.

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