How to Make Money as a Professional Gambler

by James on December 8, 2016 · 0 comments

girl-1339685_640Like many skeptics, when you think about earning money as a gambler, you probably think it’s a fool’s errand. This is not the case for many of these professionals though, as they have proven you can make money as a gambler. Want to join their ranks?

There are tips and tricks of the trade that you probably associate with movies like Rain Man. Which ones you use will depend on where you choose to play, online or in person. Remember, if you’re using a joint account to try out these tricks then you should ask permission from your partner, as it may affect how you can manage money in future.

Card counting is the most well know way to improve your chances, as it works on mathematical probability. This means that it is reliable, though many casinos are taking steps to counter against it. If you’re playing online then this will not work, as the random number generators that determine the cards won’t allow you to see the deck. Casinos are trying to tackle this by adding in more decks and covering the shoe while dealing.

If you’re a fan of Roulette, then employing the Wheel Bias Theory will help you win more often. Roulette wheels are created with the intention that all numbers have an equal chance of attracting the ball. While this can be true online, in reality some wheels aren’t totally unbiased. Small changes in weight and measurements can mean that watching the wheel will show you which numbers come up most often.

To win a progressive jackpot online is essentially beating all of the odds. With a high return and low return to player, these slots and bingo games can be found all over the internet. To manipulate the odds in your favour you can play in progressive jackpot bingo games that have a low ticket price. This allows you to buy more bingo cards and thus increase your chance of winning. If you’re looking for bingo sites with progressive games then check out the bingosweets review site.

One trick that all successful gamblers use is only gambling with money they can afford to lose. Don’t be tempted to rack up credit card debt or get in over your head. Quitting while you’re ahead is a very sensible option, especially if you follow advice from the Gambling Commission.

Bonus hunting is also a tactic used by many online players, as this offers you the opportunity to earn more bonus funds. This, in turn, gives you more chances to win and beat the system. The only thing you have to be aware of with this are the terms and conditions. These include restrictions like wagering requirements and expiry dates, which sites can use to prevent you from winning real money.

Live the life of a professional gambler and use these tips to up your game to win big. Some are common sense and others are based on mathematics, just experiment and find out which of them work for you.

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