Auto Insurance Tips That Can Save Money

by Jason Butler on December 12, 2016 · 0 comments

auto-insuranceHello, Dinks. Auto insurance is something that can fluctuate over time. One minute you could have a great deal and the next minute, you could have an accident and your price could skyrocket. Heck, your premium can go up even if you don’t have a wreck. My premium did just that a few months ago. In this article, I will be going over tips that can help you choose the right auto insurer.

Driving Course

In certain states, your auto insurance premium will go down if you take a course to improve your driving skills. You can find out more about this at the department of motor vehicles. That’s the best resource for finding an approved driving course. If my premium goes up next year, I may need to take a course to save some money.

Don’t lend your car to uninsured drivers

Make it a point never to lend out your car to any other driver that does not have auto insurance. Don’t assume that others have insurance, ask them. I don’t let other people drive my car in the first place. I just don’t trust it. If you loan your car to an uninsured friend and they cause a wreck in your vehicle, your premium will still go up. You will also be liable for any claims that exceed your coverage. I wouldn’t want to have to deal with a situation like that.


There are several things to think about when you are considering which policy to buy. Make sure you carefully consider how much coverage you need. Do you want to carry both collision and comprehensive coverage or just one? You should also compare policy prices from several companies. The policy can vary in cost. For example, you may pay $100 more for a similar policy with a company like Allstate than you would with Geico. Comparing different plans may take some time, but it will save you some cash. In the past, I’ve compared different auto insurers with my current one. I was happy to see that I was already using the cheapest one.

You should also make sure that you are getting all the discounts that are available to you. If you have other insurance, such as home insurance or an umbrella policy, you may be eligible for a discount based on this. You may also get a discount if you are in a particular organization, a college student or if you are married.

A simple way to lower your auto insurance premiums is to ask if there is a discount for security features. There may be discounts for features such as auto trading devices, antilock brakes, and steering wheel locks. These features lower the risk of loss for the insurance company, and they may be happy to compensate you for it.

If you can, you should try paying for your car with cash instead of financing or leasing it. You can save a pretty good amount of money because you will not be forced to pay for insurance to cover the cost of the vehicle in case it is damaged in any way.

As you just read, there’s a lot of knowledge that goes into selecting the right auto insurance for your needs. Hopefully, these tips help you make a better decision when choosing what kind of insurance you want. When it’s time to choose your auto insurance provider, keep this info in mind.

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