Making the most of company giveaways

by James on August 19, 2016 · 0 comments

dinksMany businesses find it cost effective to promote their products and services with giveaways and competitions, and yet there’s a thriving cottage industry which has discovered how to make the most of money that companies/brands give away for free.

Competitions are a cheap form of promotion, as this woman in 2014 discovered to her benefit. While obviously an example, the idea of winning a luxury car has wide appeal and it’s a relatively low financial outlay compared to the cost of running TV and radio commercials. It brings additional benefits too; companies can use competitions to collect valuable information about their potential customers which can be gold dust in a highly competitive market place.

For the general public, this means the chance to win cash and saleable prizes which could be anything from film premiere tickets to a lavish holiday or prestigious motor. A generation of ‘compers’ has emerged, people dedicated to entering hundreds of free competitions with the help of specialist websites.

Loquax, The Prizefinder and UKCompetitions list details of hundreds of competitions and are updated daily. Money Saving Expert has a forum dedicated to freebies and loads of advice for would-be compers. Lucky winners can scoop big cash prizes but for most, entering competitions means grinding away for smaller rewards in the hope of winning a nice prize.

A safer bet, if you’ll pardon the pun, is to make money from gambling promotions. The promise of guaranteed profits from betting will raise some suspicions but matched betting is a proven method of using betting offers to make money absolutely risk free.

You must be over the age 18 and residing in the UK or Ireland to participate in matched betting which involves sitting at a computer for about 30 minutes each day to earn around £500 per month. Matched betting websites provide all the guides, tools and betting offers required which means you don’t need to understand betting or even like sports to get in on the act.

It’s possible to do it all yourself if you know your way around betting sites and have lots of time to spare, but using a subscription service makes it really simple and you’ll have plenty of help at hand when needed. Click here for a matched betting website offering a free trial that will make around £50, enough to pay for the first few months’ membership.

The basics of matched betting are simple enough, place a bet with a bookmaker and lay the same bet to lose on a betting exchange. You’ll lose a few pennies and qualify for a free bet. This can be converted into real cash, about 80% of the free bet value, by following a similar technique. You’ll use a special calculator to work out ideal stakes guaranteeing you make the same amount of profit no matter what the result.

Odds matching tools find the best bets to make the most money and because promotion deals differ from company to company, members are given step-by-step instructions for every offer.

Entering competitions can be fun and there are stories of people re-furnishing their homes and amassing £000s in prizes and cash over the years. But it can be a grind and is very reliant on hard work and luck. Matched betting on the other hand, is risk-free, tax-free and offers monthly earnings of £500 and upwards, which is more than the average worker in the UK brings home at the end of each month.

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