Financing Home Improvements to Up Your Selling Price

by James on July 5, 2016 · 0 comments

2089400627_46c00cb365_zIf you are planning to sell your home shortly, then you might be wondering how to enhance its value so that you can increase your selling price. The best way to reach that goal is to start a few home improvement projects before you put your house up for sale. Although they know it’s a good idea, many people have a hard time deciding on the best way to finance their project. Luckily, acquiring the funds does not need to be a difficult process, and you have several options:

  • Savings Account
  • Credit Union
  • Standard Bank

You must, however, carefully consider each option so that you can choose a finance company that is right for your budget.

Savings Account

If you have enough money in your savings account, you can use it to fund your home improvement project. Once your house has sold, you can put some of the extra money back into your savings account. Some people, however, opt to avoid this method because it creates the habit of accessing their savings account more often than needed.

Credit Union

Credit unions are an excellent way to finance your home improvement project, and they are often cheaper than standard banks. Rather than being owned by a corporate entity, credit unions belong to the members. You can do a quick search online to determine whether you have any credit unions nearby. If you do, you can call them and ask if they are accepting new members, but to be accepted, you will have to live in a certain location or meet other requirements.


Applying for a loan at a traditional bank is the most common way to get a loan. But before you start your home improvement project, it’s essential you call several banks so that you can find the lowest possible interest rate. You must also read the terms of the loan because some banks will increase your fees after the introductory rate has expired. Getting a loan for a home improvement project can take several days or a few weeks, and most banks won’t help you unless you already have great credit.

Loan Options If You Have Bad Credit

Getting a loan from a bank can be a challenge when you have bad credit. Luckily, people with bad credit can still get a title loan to finance their home improvement project, and the process is simple. It involves using the title of your car or truck to secure the loan so that you can receive your funds without any hassle. Most title loans are meant to be used as a short-term solution, but you can quickly repay your debt the moment you sell your house, earning a quick profit in the process.

Final Thoughts

Financing a home improvement project before selling your home might seem expensive, but it is an investment that will pay off quickly. Those who need help covering the upfront expenses often turn to banks and credit unions. But if you don’t have perfect credit, then that might not be an option for you. When you find yourself in this situation, you can use a title loan service so that you can afford to enhance the value of your home.

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