Do You Need a Roommate?

by James Hendrickson on May 28, 2016 · 0 comments

All of us put a price on our alone time with some valuing it much higher than others. But what sort of financial cost are you willing to take on in order to live alone?

For some people, especially millennials, having a roommate is something that is a necessity. Those that live in major cities such as New York or San Francisco are faced with some of the highest housing costs in the world. Some see more than 50% of their income go towards their rent, even with a roommate.

This infographic below, from the Real Estate agents at Liberty Village Toronto , calculates the number of roommates you would need to live on an average income in some of the worlds most notable cities.

It also has some incredible stats on the changing landscape of real estate globally.


Graphic Design by Grey Smoke Media, a Pr Agency in Toronto

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