4 Things to Consider Before Booking Your Holiday

by James on March 11, 2016 · 0 comments

suitcase-468445_640If you’re anything like me, you probably spend most of the year planning your next holiday. And whilst I’ve definitely made the mistake of leaving things until the last minute more than once, this time I thought I’d share some research I’d done online about saving some vacation cash.

So whether you’re preparing for that legendary trip to Las Vegas by practicing on the online roulette tables, or just streamlining your basic packing arrangements, here are four things to consider before you book that flight!

Flight timing

Booking a flight is now easier than ever thanks to apps like Skyscanner that can deliver us a massive array of flight options at just the push of a button. But it’s becoming increasingly important that the timing of your booking can save some serious money. Whilst it can be a good rule of thumb to aim to book eight weeks in advance, these tips show that the timing of your booking can be a little more complex.

Packing light

One of the annoying things about online flight search apps is the way that they don’t factor in many additional taxes and booking fees. And it’s the fact that many budget airlines don’t include free baggage options that has made many of my trips a lot more costly than originally thought. Thankfully, all but the longest excursions can be made a little cheaper by the fact that you can usually fit quite a large bag in the overhead compartments – just be sure to do it before new regulation on overhead bags comes in!

Research your activities

Once you’re at your destination, you’ll probably want to do a little more than just laze around on the beach. And that’s why it’s always good to plan your itinerary online before travelling, as many museums and attractions offer some surprising discounts for booking online. And similarly, if you’re planning a specific holiday activity such as gambling in Las Vegas, you can always practice online at sites like Lucky Nugget Casino that allow you to throw in the ball on their online roulette games so that you don’t waste your holiday cash by making newbie errors on Sin City’s gaming tables.

Accommodation ideas

And finally, when it comes to accommodation options, the digital revolution has meant that we’ve been given many more opportunities to find something that suits our holiday aspirations and budgets. Sites such as Airbnb offer the perfect example of the benefits of the sharing economy, so that we can find a unique place to stay in order to wake rejuvenated and enjoy our holidays, whether its playing online roulette or just having a day at the beach!

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