Online PPI Claims Management vs Dealing With Cold Callers

by Team Dinks on September 22, 2015 · 0 comments

phone-735062_1280You might have got a random and annoying call from some random organization. Lot of these cold calls are about PPI claims. There is a recent trend within the United Kingdom with many PPI claims management company firms like coming into existence and looking for payments for management of complaints from consumers.

Approximately 5-7 million people have obtained unwanted calls with regards to PPI claims from companies other than the one mentioned above that employ a very different practice.

There is a reason for this. The PPI scandal is getting worse and worse for banks and other financial institutions. PPI is payment protection insurance and what ended up happening was that major financial institutions decided to deceive and trick people into buying the insurance. What made it worse was that the PPI was sold to people that didn’t need it or couldn’t even file the claim because of the way it was set up. They are setting aside billions of pounds to handle these cases and there are numerous stories out there about victims getting their money back.

These cold callers are capitalizing on this opportunity by looking for a piece of the action. They either actually attempt to win a case for you or try to cheat you out of your money. Unfortunately, many of these cold callers are scammers who will request money from you first in order to process your “complaint.”

The problem is that these cold callers don’t have a clue on whether you might actually have been cheated or not. A significant majority of them just want to get your emotions riled up so they can deceive you into paying them a small amount of money. Next, thing you know they disappear and you never hear from them again.

There is a high possibility that these companies are all frauds and not even experienced in handling these claims.
That’s not to say that the PPI scandal isn’t an issue. There is a real chance that you might have paid into a product that you were tricked into getting. If you have a reason to believe this then hiring a claims management company is potentially a good idea. (Unless you want to file it yourself.)

Just don’t get one from a cold caller. The risks are just too high. However, there is a better alternative out there. This being researching the right company online. Thanks to the availability of the internet you can easily shop around for the best claim management company out there. You can do this within the comfort of your home. You can often get better deals and prices by looking around online then by getting a quota from a cold caller. How would you know if you are getting a good deal from a random caller? You don’t have the time necessary for you to evaluate if you got the best deal on the table. That’s the primary benefit of searching these companies online.

There’s also the fact that you aren’t being harassed by a stranger at a random time of the day. They are usually annoying and very rude to deal with. Instead, try out finding claims manage companies online. You can decide for yourself on the company that is right for you.

It is clear that shopping online over cold calling is the best alternative when finding the right company that will serve you justice.

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