3 Things to DIY and Save Money

by Team Dinks on June 19, 2015 · 0 comments

7af56e4cffb44e179beefc0507b27964It’s so easy to outsource every little bit of your life. Sometimes outsourcing tasks is a good idea and other times it just ends up being a huge money suck and of very little value.

Here are a few instances where it makes more sense to do it yourself and save money verses hiring the task out.

Detailing Your Car

Detailing your car is one of those luxury expenses that can easily be done yourself.

A few years ago I wanted to get my car detailed until I called and found out it was going to be more than $100! Once I learned the price I whipped out the Shopvac and Armour All and within an hour had my car squeaky clean.

Small Home Maintenance Tasks

When it comes to home maintenance I truly believe that sometimes the tasks should be left to the pros. However, there are also some cases in which it just doesn’t make sense to hire out a task.

For instance, fixing a leaky faucet is usually pretty simple to do but can be expensive to hire out to a plumber. You could save some serious cash by doing it yourself.

When you have a small home maintenance task that needs done do a little research, watch some YouTube videos, and see if it’s something you can handle yourself. With the internet you can learn how to do anything you want.

Repairing Your IPhone Screen

I don’t know about you but I’ve dropped my phone quite a few times. Getting a phone screen repaired can be extremely expensive and in the past hasn’t been something I thought I could do myself.

Now there are kits that enable you to easily fix your iPhone screen. Doing this yourself is much easier than you think and can potentially save you hundreds of dollars and a trip to the Apple store.

While there are some tasks that are worthwhile to outsource others end up being a total of waste of money. Next time you start to outsource something stop and decide if there’s more benefit in doing it yourself.

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