6 Jobs in the Financial Sector That are Popular and Growing

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Receiving your finance degree is a great accomplishment. If you are looking to break into a career in finance, you should maximize your earning potential and leverage your skill sets to secure the job of your dreams. The top jobs in the finance sector offer a variety of challenges and opportunities for growth. Hedge fund trader, loan officer, investment banking analyst, financial planner, auditor, and junior tax associate are six jobs in the financial sector that are popular and growing.

The Hedge Fund Trader

Trading positions are the job everyone thinks of when they think about a career in finance. Considered somewhat glamorous, hedge fund traders deal primarily with the transfer of financial assets in the market. Hedge funds are largely unregulated and aim to offer the highest return possible. Jobs as a hedge fund trader are incredibly competitive, but hard work in this field yields high rewards. The right candidate would enjoy a high-stress environment with high earning potential.

The Loan Officer

Less glamorous than the hedge fund trader, the loan officer is responsible for assisting people with getting a loan and determining their level of risk for the financial institution. Given the number of loans available for the general public, a variety of loan officer jobs abound. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a growth rate of 14% in the next ten years. These positions interact with both banks and the public, so the right candidate would enjoy social interaction and development of customer relationships.

The Investment Banking Analyst

An investment banking analyst provides information to both businesses and clients about investments. Their job includes generating data about stock performance and researching companies to determine their financial status. Investment banking analysts work long hours but the position is a great way to get experience in finance.

Experience as a banking analyst prepares you for many other jobs in the financial sector, such as finance management or consulting. To get a closer look at some of the other management positions available in the finance sector, take a look at the YouTube channel for Fisher Investments. Fisher Investment draws on a variety of experienced financial managers to offer services for their clients.

The Finance Planner

A financial planner is someone who assists individuals and companies with their financial futures. Successful financial planners understand a variety of financial topics, such as taxes and estate planning issues, so that they can make proper investment recommendations. Once you gain more experience, you can work independently or as a consultant. This position is perfect for someone with good interpersonal experience and a wish to continue to learn all aspects of the finance sector.

The Auditor

Taking a step away from the investment side of things, auditors are responsible for examining and analyzing accounting records for clients. This position is great for recent graduates because it allows you to develop strong data processing skills. If you find numbers more inspiring than personal interaction, a job as an auditor is a good fit for you.

The Junior Tax Associate

A junior tax associate is responsible for reviewing the client’s internal fiscal reporting systems. As a junior associate, you need to work alongside someone more experienced, but working with a senior member provides valuable training. The demand for tax associates is great due to ever-changing tax laws and financial legislation. Larger companies will have the best opportunities for recent graduates, but as you gain more experience as a tax associate, you can opt to work as a consultant.

The financial sector offers a variety of jobs for the recent graduate. Six popular finance jobs are hedge fund trader, loan officer, and investment banking analyst, financial planner, auditor, and junior tax associate. Whether you work with numbers or customers, there is a popular and fast-growing finance job that can suit your skills and interests. Once you learn more about these positions, choose the job that helps you achieve your career aspirations.

Where do you see the future of finance jobs growing next?

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