What would you do with an extra $10k per month?

by Kristina on October 28, 2013 · 5 comments

Good morning Dinks.  Today we are going to have a little bit of fun, sometimes talking about money can be so boring, but not today.  Let’s play fantasy for minute or two, not the 50 Shades of Grey kind of fantasy, the loads of money kind of fantasy.  We live in a world where we can sign up to create our own fantasy stock portfolio and our own fantasy football team so why not have some fun where we can create our fantasy bank account.

So that’s exactly what we are going to do, we are going to imagine a world where we have a little bit more money.  I know we have sort of talked about this before here on Dinks Finance.  We discussed what we would do with a boat load of money if we won the lottery, but today let’s talk about a world where we have a little bit more money.  Let’s pretend that we have some extra pocket change, a nice hefty chunk of pocket change, that we don’t have work for, it’s just give to us.  After all the best kind of money is the kind that we don’t have to work for.

So Dinks tell us, what would you do with?

An extra $10,000 per month that you had to only use on yourself?

An extra $10,000 per month that you absolutely had to spend on other people?

I’ll go first…

If I had an extra $10,000 per month that I could only spend on myself I would probably save most of it for the first few months.  I have been known to make some really bad (and really expensive) impulse purchases.  So I would let the initial money bliss where off and get my head straight before I actually made any decisions on where and how to spend the money.

I would continue to maintain my lifestyle for the most part, just a little bit better and without the stress of having to work for a pay check.  I would move to a larger apartment, but I would still live in the city and I would still live in an apartment.  I would definitely quit my 9 to 5 job, but I would continue my own business as a writer and dedicate all my time to becoming an author.  Money gives us the freedom to live a better life, have a little less stress and be just a little bit happier.

If I had an extra $10,000 per month that I had to spend on someone else I would create a charity that provides breakfast and snacks to elementary school kids.  I think it’s so important for kids to have a full belly all day and I would love to make that happen.  Or maybe I would just give the $10,000 per month to my boyfriend so the money stays in our family – just joking, blurred line in the rules of our fantasy game.

I would also create a financial program in elementary schools where kids could earn money on a credit card for good grades and chores at school such as washing boards, working in the office or cleaning up the playgrounds.  Then they could buy clothes, books etc. on a website with their credit card.  This helps teach kids about earning money and spending money responsibly.  Yep, I don’t have plans to have kids, but that’s what I’d do.

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